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What is an Instagram Shadow Ban

Okay, so Instagram has thrown a lot of curve balls our way in the last year or so. Most of it has been exciting and some of it taking some patience and learning. But over the last couple of weeks we have been getting Direct Messages from our clients and friends asking why are their engagement numbers down?

Well, my friends, this is when the term Instagram Shadow Ban enters the picture.

This term Shadow Ban has been swirling around for the last week or so and it has gotten many people scared.  Instagram has not officially come out and acknowledged this “shadow ban” but it has in an indirect way acknowledged it by releasing an official statement on their facebook.  Mentioning that there is some things that they are trying to work out and for the time being they emphasize creating good, creative and unique content.  It seems this is all on to the road of Instagram working on their algorithm.  

what is an instagram shadow ban

What is an Instagram Shadow Ban?

An Instagram Shadow Ban is when particular hashtags become un discoverable. This means, you might be using hashtags that are supposed to help you get discovered when someone types in that hashtag. But instead, with the Shadow ban, these particular hashtags are only discoverable to the people currently following you.  This means that you won’t show up in the feed of someone that DOESN’T follow you which then has a major impact on the reach of your account and impacts your account being discovered by a new audience

Have I been Hit by The Shadow Ban?

This one can be a bit hard to say concretely but if you have been doing what you always do on your Instagram Account but all of sudden have been seeing a decrease in engagement, likes and comments on your posts, and you feel like the only interaction you seem to be getting with your posts are from your current followers, then this is a good indication that the shadow ban has hit your account.

Things to do to avoid the Shadow Ban on Instagram

  1. Do NOT use Bots, or buy followers, or do anything that does anything automatically on Instagram

This is always a major “no-no” in our books, because even before the shadow ban this has always shown to have an impact on your instagram account.  But the key here is that Instagram really does not like third party interference! It will pick up on this and your account will definitely be punished for it.  Note this does not include schedulers, these don’t post automatically for you, you still have to do the posting, so continue to schedule your instagram posts!

      2.   Stop using the EXACT same Hashtags All the Time!

It’s always important to change up your hashtags.  Using the exact same hashtags for a long period of time is something Instagram is also picking up on and might cause you to be shadow banned. This is because Instagram is seeing this to be too spammy. You also want to double check your hashtags, there are some popular hashtags that have been highjacked and are NSFW and this might not be as obvious but Instagram might have picked up on this and doesn’t like the use of it.

       3. Inconsistency

As we have spoken about again and again on buzzing creatives is that one of the keys to success on Instagram is consistency.  This also applies to the shadow ban.  Instagram is able to pick up on inactivity and then big surges of activity, and let’s just say Instagram really doesn’t like this.  So don’t go on a crazy posting spree, nor is it a good idea to follow a whole bunch of accounts or do a massive unfollowing of accounts all at once.  

Okay, so what if you feel like you have been affected by the shadow ban? We recommend trying these things to help resolve this:

  1. Take a little Instagram Break. People have seen to noticed an improvement if they are inactive for about 24-48 hours on Instagram.  Everything should go back to being “normal”

  2. Do an audit of your Instagram Hashtags.  Make sure you are changing up your hashtags and create new lists with a different mixture of hashtags

  3. If you are using any sort of automation / bots - we highly recommend you stop doing so.  

This all is again not official information from Instagram, it’s from Instagram users and experts that we have curated this information from.

how to create lines in Canva

So it’s no secret here, but Canva has become one of the free services that has come to play an integral role in our small business. It has helped us create beautiful graphics, workbooks, opt ins, pdfs and more!

So in this quick video tutorial we show you how to create a line in Canva - in fact we share with you 3 ways to create a line in Canva.  This has come to be so handy when creating content for buzzing creatives, that we had to share with you.  

further reading: How to Create Free Amazing Graphics for your Blog & Business 

how to create lines in canva

Want to learn more on how to use Canva? Check out our FREE Canva Course! 

Click here for some amazing Stock Photos!

Watch the video below on 3 ways to make lines on Canva:

How to remain motivated while working from home

Working from home and being your own boss is a blessing and a curse. While it’s awesome because you get to do whatever you want to do, however you want to do it and whenever you want to do it, this can quickly turn against you if you don’t remain motivated.

how to stay motivated while working from home

Motivation is a difficult elixir to come across as a creative entrepreneur or a small business owner. We all start off with it. We all are pumped and ready to achieve, set goals and get paid. But hard work doesn’t always mean that you will get what you work hard for. And since that system and accountability you would otherwise have in a conventional work environment isn’t in place in your own home, waking up everyday and remaining motivated becomes a task in itself.

So we have some tips for you to remain motivated:

1. Define your workplace

This is the most important thing you can possible do. It’s all about mentally associating an area in your home with work. And this area should be reserved solely for work. Important to mention is that you shouldn’t work where you sleep or somewhere you associate with comfiness or “relaxing-time” like the sofa or a family room. If you work where you sleep it will begin having an impact on your sleep and this can often be a reason for poor sleeping bouts.

By associating a place in your home for work you mentally prime yourself to work whenever you sit down in that area. It can be as simple as a desk and a chair. But your brain will begin to automatically know it’s time to focus when you sit down in that desk--after all motivation is all about mind over matter!

2. Figure out what time of day you are most productive

We talk about this in our op-ed on why you should procrastinate that you should check out here. But here I want to bring it up from the motivation perspective. If you realise that you work better at a certain time of the day than another then only work during that time. Don’t spend time trying to force yourself to work sluggishly through tasks since this can actually demoralize you. Not performing at a certain level and not completing tasks you know you can has the opposite impact of keeping you motivated. So find out when you work best and just concentrate for that time. You will get way more work done and finish the day feeling motivated. Use the other part of the day to catch up on personal things and errands...or sleep in, since sleeping more never hurt anyone!

3. Schedule

Since you are only answerable to yourself it’s important to schedule your year out. Setting 2-3 yearly goals that you can break down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and then daily tasks will help keep you motivated because not only will you have an idea of the larger picture (so what the end goal is) but you have also laid out steps to get there on a daily basis putting weight behind why it is so important to do what you need to do every day.

Write down a physical list. Mentally, there is nothing more rewarding than ticking off something you have completed. And remember, a daily to-do list does not mean you have to complete everything off that list. This is the perk of being your own boss, you can be flexible and allow yourself a cushion. Knowing these are the things I need to be working on within these few days can take you a long way in remaining motivated since you have given yourself a purpose and goals as well as the daily actions you can take to achieve those goals!

So, set deadlines for yourself. Stick to them. Treat them as you would with deadlines as work handed down to you by a boss. Setting deadlines and sticking to them actually works and is important in taking what you do seriously. What is equally as important is finding someone else that can hold you accountable to those deadlines. This is especially important if you are someone who isn’t as productive in self-directed situations. This can be a group of creative entrepreneurs you have met online or even your partner, friend or sibling. You can meet like minded people and create a group in which you can state your objectives for the week and then check-in on each other at the end of the week by asking “have you done what you said you would set out to do?” This creates not only a system of accountability but also encouragement. As these people would be genuinely excited by the prospect of you getting done what you set out to do and would love to see you succeed. Encouragement and accountability are really important in remaining motivated!

4. Take breaks...yes even a nap

Once you’ve figured out what time of the day you work best don’t forget to give yourself frequent breaks. Stepping back from your work and giving your brain a much-needed break at set intervals increases your brain’s ability to process and function and most importantly makes sure you are not overworking yourself.

While not having to work the 9-5 has a lot of benefits, the plus side to it is is that you are only liable to work those given hours. Often times when we work for ourselves we end up working more hours than we should and without proper breaks. So listen to your body. If it wants to nap, nap. If it wants to go for a walk, go for a walk. If it wants to break out into a dance, then dance. Your health is more important than your productivity. Taking that quick 15 minute break won’t cost you as much as bad health will.

At the same time have a rewards system in place. This help you remain motivated. By telling yourself if you get this task done you can go for a coffee break with a friend or even something as simple as a bite of chocolate or that much-deserved cup of tea you will actually giving yourself incentive to get that work done.

5. Get active

Set some time in the day to do some form of physical activity. I know what you’re thinking. This will also cut into previous work minutes but the truth is that actually you increase your productivity by partaking in a physical activity. You are getting that blood rushing to your brain which is getting the oxygen it requires and not to mention releasing the right hormones to get pumped, feel good and get focused and energetic! The alternative actually adds to that sluggish/demoralized feeling. Most of us spend our whole days and sometimes even nights sitting on a desk in front of a screen. Even if you are an active creator you don’t get the same amount of physical exertion required to induce the sensations I outlined before. So we get really low and lethargic. This makes problem solving, thinking, creating and remaining motivated far more difficult. So whether you go for a quick run or fit on a 20 minute yoga session, get physical!

6. Rest days

At the end of it all remember to give your brain complete days off from any work related activities. In order to remain passionate about what you’re doing and keeping your brain in a healthy state of mind it’s important to step away from work altogether. That way when you do come back to your work routine you feel more refreshed and ready to work. Rest days also become something to look forward to making you want to work harder during the week so you can get everything done before your rest day and that way your rest can be truly stress free. Taking rest days also insures that you don’t begin to resent what you do and you don’t burn out.

Different things work for different people. Motivation is unique to each individual and while some of these things may work better for you than others just keep trying new things until you reach a routine that works for you!

Minimal Printable Planner for Social Media & Blogging with Calendar - Digital Download


As a creative entrepreneur, blogger or small shop owner there is nothing more important than being organized. It’s hard--we know--the struggle is real. But what if we shared our comprehensive planner with you?

Our planners are full of all the stuff you need to get organized in one place. That is why we made our own planner and we thought...well...we think some of you might benefit from a similar planner. We had previously scavenged the internet (and we mean everywhere...pinterest, etsy etc) for a planner that would have all the organizational tools in one place but to no avail.

So we set out to make our own and ever since we have been using it.


What’s in it?

Firstly it has a monthly calendar, but that’s not all that is in it:

  1. You will find that you can schedule your work in monthly, weekly and daily formats.
  2. There is a whole section for content creation including brain-storming sheets.
  3. Not to mentions social media schedulers and stats trackers
  4. As well as Income reports and an affiliate tracker amongst many other organizational tools!

If you want something to face-lift your scheduling and make you into an organizational guru, then this planner is for you! Commit to your business in a real and meaningful way by organizing your work and meeting those deadlines--we know you can do it!


Instagram Marketing for Beginners

Have you spent months maybe even years trying to grow your Instagram in a real and meaningful way with genuine interaction but have barely seen your numbers change or your sales from Instagram increase?

Well, that’s what we are excited to announce here today. We have partnered with the amazing people at Modern Thrive to offer you lovely people a 3 day live Instagram workshop that will cover the important transformative strategies that will have your Instagram buzzing. The workshop will cover:

  • Finding your target customer
    (know who your people are and where they hang out)
  • Optimizing your Instagram profile
    (so when said people arrive on your profile they will feel you are the account that they have been waiting for their whole lives!)
  • Creating an effective content strategy
    (So your people like and comment on your feed and keep coming back for more!)
  • Creating engaging visual content strategy that stands out
    (Your people will be able to single your post out from the thousands of others they see and get that warm buttery trust feeling every time they see your posts, so when you say here’s my awesome service or product they’ll say yes please!)

Here is how it will go down:

There will be 3 jam-packed step-by-step live sessions that will also be available on demand if you can’t make it. Not only that (I know! This is INSANE!), you’ll get daily emails packed with resources to help you put what you learned into action.

We love Instagram here at Buzzing Creatives and have often said that it is the single most important social media platform you need to grow your business and increase your sales or reach. But you need to start right and even if you have started you need to know what to do next in order to make Instagram that magic-wand tool for you as it has been for so many others. With these key actionable strategies packed into the workshop we believe your Instagram can transform your business!

5 Reasons Google Photos is the new must have tool


I have a thing for new tools and apps.  I love trying new things that make my life easier. But more so what makes me run my blog or business smoother.

Google photos is one of those.  Not only do you need this for your blog or business but you need this for your personal life!

With the advent of digital photography, long gone are those days of family albums with those limited amount of photos taken over a particular amount of time. Now we take endless amount of photos with our phones that you can’t even count them.

They start taking room on our computers and devices, so we back them up on hard drives. But there is always that fear of - what if you lose your hard drive? What if there is a fire? What if your hard drive just stops working?

This is when Cloud storage for photos comes into play. Now there are many services out there: icloud, Amazon, dropbox, one drive, and more!

The key here is to determine which one suits you the best. Which one provides more value for less. After have my fair share of trial and really researching.  I am currently recommending Google Photos to everyone.

Here are 5 reasons Google Photos is the new must have tool:


1. It’s free for unlimited storage

Yep, you read that right, Google is the first company to provide unlimited storage for your photos for free.  The only catch is that with the unlimited storage, Google will compress your photos, and there is a limit to the photo size (16 megapixels) and video size (1080p).  This really isn’t a big deal, the compression of the file size of your photo is not really that noticeable, even when you zoom in.  Unless you are in the photography business or a serious photographer, this shouldn’t concern you much.  (If you are a photographer, then google drive is a great option, but it is a paid option) Any which way, you should also be storing your full quality, full size photos in another place along with google photos.  An external hard drive is always great place to backup your photos as well.  

2. Has amazing editing apps

This isn’t something new to cloud photo services. But Google photo makes this super easy with each photo editing option having a slider that you can easily control.  The best part of Google Photos is this amazing thing called “Assistant”.  This is a really neat function Google Photos has. Google photos creates stories, animations, collages, videos etc. for you with your photos and videos.  This is great! I just saw a video compilation of photos and videos from a recent road trip that Google photos assistant put together and it was amazing to watch!

3. It's easy to use and figure out, but most importantly it makes your life easier when it comes to photos!

Installing Google Photos backup on my laptop and the google photos apps on my phone has made my life easier.  It has a user friendly interface, which makes it easy to use and figure out. Using the different organizing and searching abilities makes it super easy to access my photos, organize them, share them and back them up. Now my photos on both my laptop and phone are automatically backed up and I don’t have to worry!

In fact, Google photos is so awesome and wants to make your life so much easier that when your phone is full it will ask you if you want to delete the photos on your phone that are already backed up on Google Photos!    

4. It has amazing organizing and searching features

Google photos takes the recognizing technology to a whole new level! Google photos has a great feature where they are able to recognize the location of the photo - even the old photos taken on a digital camera! And of course images that were taken when your location was turned off, it recognizes that location as well.  It does this by identifying landmarks, for example if you have the eiffel tower in the photo, it will be able to identify the location and label it correctly as “paris”.  

The technology that Google photos uses for recognition is so amazing that it is able to recognize the difference in dog breeds. So if you type in “golden retriever” in the search bar it will only turn up photos of golden retrievers and other types of dogs won’t show up.  

In fact there are more levels to this amazing search feature.  You can search, food - “pizza” or food in a particular location - “pizza in new york” which will then result in photos of pizza that you took in New York or “snow and mountain” which will then result in photos of mountains with snow or taken on a mountain with snow.  

And when it comes to people, the facial recognition abilities are amazing.  Once it labels a person, it is then able to recognize that person all the way back to infancy!

5. Easy to Share

Google photos makes sharing your photos easy. You can upload photos directly to social media networks such as twitter, facebook, google + and more.  Another neat way you can share with Google photos is by creating a url which you share. This Url then takes visitors to a page with photos you have selected and put together!

why you should schedule your social media

You know that feeling of being so overwhelmed with your to do list and even though you have put hours and hours into your blog and business still there is not enough time? That is because we need to spend time working smart and not necessarily hard. Thus having systems in place is the key here. Automating aspects of your business and blog such as social media will not only save you time it will help you better understand your audience. Therefore Scheduling your social media becomes vital to your blog or business’s success.

So if you have not been scheduling your social media then my friends, it’s never late to start.

Here are reasons why you need to schedule your social media:

1. Understand your audience and what they want

Social media scheduling has meant that now I have more time to use the social media scheduling applications to understand what content works and is popular with my audience and what content isn’t. Or more importantly via the analytics that is provided through these scheduling platforms we are more able to understand what the optimal times are for us to be posting to the different social media platforms. This then informs our publishing schedule, what type of content is posted and on what social media platform.


We all know how hard it can be to remember important dates when it comes to our personal life.  This becomes even harder when it comes to our business and to remember all the important dates that are relevant to it.  Scheduling your social media ensures that you don’t miss out on the important dates - whether that’s mother’s day or national waffle day. This doesn’t just let you plan and schedule your content beforehand according to the different holidays but it also lets you adjust your content around the holidays depending on if that is a high traffic time or low traffic time for your blog or business.  


Posting to social media can be time consuming but it is necessary to our businesses and blogs.  Thus instead of spending your time everyday trying to publish to each social media platform, scheduling your social media allows you to allot that time to your content or your business.  It also allows you to be strategic when it comes to your social media since you are planning ahead of time.  For example, posting to Instagram 2-3 times a day at intervals when you are starting off is crucial to growing your account. But this would be highly time consuming task if we didn’t schedule these instagram posts beforehand. Thus automating your social media is a key to increasing your productivity. Having systems in place is key to any successful business.


Having people being familiar with your brand enough that they are able to recognize you is important. Thus it becomes important to be consistent on social media.  If you are appearing in people’s feed consistently with valuable information or content that is of interest to them they are more likely to become familiar with you, your face, your brand and thus more likely to trust you which directly affects your traffic and sales. Thus scheduling social media takes away this burden since you don’t have to worry about this aspect of your blog or business since it will be automated.  Now you have time to build relationships with your audience by taking time to engage with your followers.  

Now that we have established the power of scheduling your social media you can head over to a social media scheduler, signup and start scheduling! (We use Hootsuite for buzzing creatives)

There are many options available out there when it comes to social media schedulers. It just depends on what you are looking for.  

We personally use and love the scheduler from our home town of Vancouver, HOOTSUITE.  Not only does hootsuite provide you with social media scheduling it is much more than that.  It is an entire social media management system.  

  • You are able to track and monitor all your social media platforms on their dashboard. We run quite a lot of different online businesses and blogs. We are able to use our one hootsuite account to monitor social media accounts for all those business.  
  • Not only can you schedule your social media on hootsuite, but you are also able to monitor your social media.  This enables you the ability to see what others are saying about your business or blog and how they are interacting with your content.
  • Plus they provide you with a weekly analytics report!

There are lots of other social media schedulers/management tools you can also checkout, such as Buffer, Later (for instagram, also from our hometown of Vancouver), Tailwind or Boardbooster (for pinterest, we personally use Boardbooster and love it!) & more!

*please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links, we receive a small amount of commission via these links. With this we are able to run this blog and provide free and valuable content to you. 

top 5 gift picks for the creative entrepreneur

gifts for creative entrepreneurs

As Creative Entrepreneurs or if you know any creative entrepreneur you know that the costs can get high, especially when you are starting out and learning all the tricks of the trade. So why not give a Creative Entrepreneur a gift that helps them along on this journey. These gifts for Creative Entrepreneurs that we have put together will definitely be appreciated! 

Giving gifts is something I really enjoy. The thought of getting someone, however big or small, and seeing the look on their face when they open it, is one of the most rewarding experiences. I actually love giving gifts for no special reason, often times if I see something that reminds of anyone in my life that I hold dear to my heart, I will surprise them with a gift. Those gifts are always the best ones - the unexpected gifts.  

Some of the best gifts are the gifts that you know the gift receiver really needs but hasn’t been able to purchase for themselves.  It’s also really important to reward yourself as a creative entrepreneur and buy yourself something.  

We have put together a list of gifts for Creative Entrepreneurs. These can be given over the holidays or actually any time of the year, whether it’s a special occasion or not! So these are gifts that we have put a lot of thought into. They are either something we personally have invested in and have reaped benefits from and would love you to do the same, or the same for the creative entrepreneur in your life.  Or they are gifts that we wish we had to help us along this journey, resources and tools that would have helped us immensely.  

here are our top 5 gift picks for the creative entrepreneur:


    The first pick is an email marketing platform that does more than emailing your list, CONVERTKIT : has been by the far one of the best investments we have made. It has had the biggest impact on our business growth.
    We have seen our email list grow so quickly over the last few months. Convertkit makes everything easy: automations, integrations, sequences, broadcasts, opt-ins, landing pages and more!


    As a Creative Entrepreneur we have to invest in learning thus we have to invest our time and money, so as I always say one of the best gifts to give an online entrepreneur, small business owner, new blogger etc is an e-course. Check out our Instagram Course for Creative Entrepreneurs - INSTABUZZING. Any of our Courses would make a great gift this holiday season! 


    Continuing with the theme of learning - Blogging Clarity is a great resource with so many courses to help along anyone new to this online blogging/small business world - learn pinterest, content planning and media kits!


     ScreenFlow is also one of the best investments we haver personally made. It is much more than just an average screen recorder.  You are able to do so much to make your videos super Youtube friendly aesthetically and more! We use it for our tutorials, youtube and all our ecourse video material. It has allowed us to do so much for our business and the investment was worth every penny!


    With so much always on our plate, we have personally learned to outsource to become more productive in our business. Hey, we can't learn and do everything all at the same time! So when it comes to things like MEDIA KITS for your blog, small business, etsy shop etc. we highly recommend purchasing already done templates and trust me, when I say the best place to get the best value for your money is HIPMEDIAKITS!


pssstttt...why not pass this list onto your friends, significant other and family as gift ideas for you!

*please note this post contains some affiliate links

7 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for your Business and Blog

With the many changes that Instagram has rolled out in 2016 there has been lots to learn and adapt to.  

Algorithm changes means Instagram now shows your followers your post not chronologically as posted but through a smart feed - meaning Instagram decides if your posts get shown and when it shows up for your followers.

This is why I urge you to utilize Instagram Stories. This way even the followers that are not seeing your posts can still view your content via Instagram Stories. Therefore you are able to reach more followers through Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories Vs your Instagram Grid

While for you Instagram grid you really have to think with intent for each post (making sure that each post fits with your grid visually and theme wise, all the editing you have to do, etc.). Whereas with Instagram Stories - the stories only last 24 hours! You really don’t need to worry about maintaining the perfect lighting or the colour theme on brand.

Hint: Check out the analytics to see what sort of content your audience enjoyed the most!

Don't forget to check out our FREE Instagram Course! Click the Image below to sign up:


Here are many ways you can use Instagram Stories for your Small Business or Blog:

Check out our Step by Step Instagram Tutorial!

Make yourself more relatable!

Instagram Stories is a great way to humanize your brand and showcase your personality. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and thus make you more relatable. And we all know that making yourself relatable, connecting with your audience, humanizing your brand is key to marketing your business or blog. This goes a long way when you are trying to increase your traffic, followers and sales! The more people like you and resonate with your personality the more likely they will buy from you.  ** Note: We cover this in module #5 in our Instabuzzing Course  **

Behind the Scenes

Continuing with our last point, this is a great place to show your followers some behind the scenes of your business or blog.  This is something that is often times hard to do on other aspects of social media - like on your blog posts, twitter, on facebook etc. Where things are more official and professional.

For example, if you are a creative, a blogger, a writer, or an etsy shop owner this is a great place to showcase your step by step process and let in your audience.  

Further Reading: How to use Instagram for Etsy Shops

Quick Tips & Tutorials

This is also a great way to share value, that is share your knowledge thus build trust with your audience.  You can do a daily tip, or a series on a topic.

It’s a great place to talk directly to your audience.  You can do a Q & A, or impart advice. You can utilize Instagram Stories to share quick tutorials.  “How to” videos, or step by step processes but remember to make it quick!

Discounts, Perks, Coupons & more!

Instagram Stories is a great tool to give your followers exclusive discounts and coupons. This is also gives your followers on Instagram a feeling of exclusivity.  You can also mention at the starting of your story that there will be an exclusive code for them at the end - so to stay tuned. This encourages your viewers to watch the entire story to get to the code.  

Further reading: how to use Instagram to drive sales without being too salesy


I have also seen many bloggers and small business owners use this space to promote their affiliate links or codes

Build your email list

Instagram Stories are also a great tool to incorporate into your email list building strategy. Promote your freebie on here and promote the corresponding link where you would grab their email address.  You can also promote your facebook group by inviting your followers to join and sharing your link to the group.  For all these links use a link shortner such as and type it on the screen so your followers can screenshot it.  

 Further reading: 10 Reasons Why We Love ConvertKit


Make announcements for promoting events. Promote your webinars, your facebook lives and share your latest blog post.  Share your accomplishments and major milestones, also share your journey and story - even the hiccups along the way.


If you are giving away exclusives, imparting valuable knowledge, showcasing your personality, inviting your followers into your private facebook group - this makes your followers to want to watch your Instagram Story again and again.  This is especially great since it is not guaranteed that all your followers are seeing your Instagram posts.  So go ahead and give Instagram Stories a try.  Pay attention to keeping  your stories in line with your brand, sharing what you are comfortable with and observing what your audience reacts best to! But remember to be yourself. People love watching real and interesting people and what they do, so don’t forget Instagram Stories is about you so as long as it is still in the confines of your brand!

10 reasons we love ConvertKit

10 reasons we love convertkit

Here is the thing, we don't endorse anything we wouldn't use ourselves.  And one thing we are constantly recommending is CONVERTKIT.  If there is one investment (okay two) that we made early on in our business that has had the most return it is hands down CONVERTKIT and Squarespace.  

We heavily rely on CONVERTKIT for our business, everything from automating our email list, to setting up funnels for our paid products, to our free email courses, creating landing pages, getting valuable insights on our audience and more! 

We do admit, it has a little learning curve - but with the amazing knowledge base and also amazing support team you will be on your way quicker than you realize. And investing your time learning it will pay off big time!

We have only been utilizing Convertkit for about 6 months and have been able to grow our email list from nil to over 2000! Without really putting our full efforts into doing so. 

Why I love Convertkit after using it only for 6 months

1. More of your emails get opened

That is because CONVERTKIT really pushes for plain simple design for their emails. Other email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp put a heavy value on design. Although having a pretty email newsletter to send out sounds great, what actually ends up happening, due to the algorithms of email programs, those types of emails end up in the Spam or Junk folder.  This is because these email platforms recognize these emails full of flash and too many graphics etc. as spam.  Convertkit’s approach is simplistic back to basic type of design which I am liking. It means I spend less time on something (design) of my newsletter which is more likely not to be read, but instead work on the word copy and getting my message across.  Which is supposed to be the point of a newsletter anyways, right?

2.  You don’t need another program for Opt ins

 With CONVERTKIT you can create forms and landing pages to gather email subscribers. This makes adding FREEBIES, Opt ins, or Content Upgrades to your site and blog posts super easy! We have seen our email list explode with this particular feature that Convertkit offers.

3. Sequences/email course

CONVERTKIT has an amazing feature which they call Sequences that makes creating and implementing email courses super easy! We utilize the sequences option for our FREE Instagram Course and FREE Canva Course.  

4. Grow your income because, well FUNNELS!

All these things, landing pages + sequences have lead our business to grow.  We are able to utilize all these features of CONVERTKIT in together to implement our Sales Funnels. Where subscribers are funnelled through this sequence: freebie → put into sequence (free course) → then eventually sales pitch for paid product. 


5. Tags!

I cannot tell you how much this has helped us really narrow and target particular subscribers with particular emails thus campaigns and material/information.  In CONVERTKIT you are able to assign various different tags to each subscriber. And you don’t get charged for duplicate subscribers because with Convertkit there is no such thing.  You can sign up for various opt ins or freebies that we offer but you will only end up on our list once.

5. Broadcasts

In CONVERTKIT you are able to send individual emails called broadcasts to a specific group of subscribers. Whether that be subscribers tagged something or subscribers that signed up for a particular freebie.  It is can be super targeted and you can schedule it!  You are also able to RESEND emails that are unopened.  

7. Automations

CONVERTKIT has made automations super easy and I love how tags work with the automations on Convertkit. Thus you can end up on our email list by signing up for several things (freebie, join our newsletter etc) but you will be on our list only once. But in the Automations section of Convertkit I am able to set up automations that instruct Convertkit to tag particular people coming in from particular landing pages or particular freebies to be tagged with a corresponding tag.  I am also able to set up automations that then put them in a sequence of my choice.      

8. Integrations

CONVERTKIT has Integrations with  many platforms! This makes our lives much easier. Instead of having to import emails from another platform, it is already done for you! For example, with our Teachable integration, whenever someone enrols in our courses, their email is also automatically added in our Convertkit list and we are able to place those subscribers in sequences or tag them! This makes the entire process seamless and easy. 


6. Reports

CONVERTKIT produces reports for all your emails sent, where you can analyze which of your emails were opened and what is the best time to send them thus adjusting and learning what works best for your email open rates. It also indicates the conversion rates for all your forms and landing pages!


10. Their amazing support team  

Here is the thing, I ask a lot of questions and I have asked the CONVERTKIT team LOTS of questions. They were not only really helpful but also super patient.  Not only that - but they have an amazing knowledge base with instructional videos and step by step text instructions where lots of your questions are answered.  

*note this blog post includes affiliate links - we only include affiliate links of products that we either use or highly recommend