You're a creative person.

You take photographs, write, make jewellery, knit amazing hats, cook or bake, you may even paint or make beautiful calligraphy art. But you wonder, how do I take this creativity, that I care passionately for, and make it into a sustainable and profitable business or you may even wonder how can I take these wonderful products of my creative expression and connect them to an audience online that will appreciate them? Some of you may also be puzzled over how you can then turn this audience into a customer?

Buzzing Creatives is dedicated to help you, fellow creative, take that next step online, to reach your potential audience and to turn that audience into customers.

We will help you beat that creative slump [if there is one] so you can create a social media, branding and business strategy that works for you, helping you exterminate the fear of the online dragon and slay it once and for all!  Whether you're a small business looking to grow or just a creative looking into--and frankly, slightly overwhelmed by--starting an online business, Buzzing Creatives will provide the tools, resources and tips that we have gathered from our nearly 10 years of online entrepreneurship, which includes running a fashion and lifestyle blog, a handmade finds instagram account, and an Etsy shop. Even if you are someone who is yet to tap into their creativity, we are here to help foster, support and grow your creativity into something meaningful.


We are not solely focused on creative businesses, but creatives themselves, and believe in providing creatives, like you, with a community of other like-minded or divergent creatives to inspire each other here on Buzzing Creatives itself. 


We live in an online age and this has changed the game for many businesses and entrepreneurs, as it means that the amount of platforms available to market and promote yourself have increased. We believe this has especially worked in the favour of creatives like you, because it means that you can sell and market your products from the comfort of your own home. What you need then is the 'HOW TO.' Meaning, how to do it in the most effective manner so that your passion can be turned into a profitable online business. The online platform has opened many doors and created many new exciting opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, but this can also mean that it can be overwhelming at times.


We are here to help you strategize and create action plans so you can get buzzing and take that next step online!

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