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Buzzing Creatives is for creative minds to learn the power of social media. Whether you are committed to growing your business through our educational content or you want to become a part of a community where women from all backgrounds are welcomed and empowered, Buzzing Creatives is here to lift you up.


Do you work really hard day-in-and-day-out on your business or blog only to find little to no change in your traffic and sales? We see you, you’ve got an amazing message, product or service to offer to the world but you just feel like no matter what you do, you wind up alone, frustrated and exhausted.

We are here to tell you you are not alone in this and your days of being frustrated and overwhelmed by social media marketing are over.

No more exhaustion from trying to gather all the information yourself, or from trying to do all the “hacks” from superficial freebies.

You need a space that will support you and will help you put the systems and strategies in place for your business marketing so that you can get passive traffic and income.

That’s what we are here for.

We Value

We value empathy for others


We accept women of all backgrounds


We are here to support women of all backgrounds, colors, and businesses



Buzzing Creatives is About




no question is a stupid question

We are here to help and encourage our clients and community through education. We are experts in the content we teach and want to build relationships where "no question is a stupid question.” We are passionate about teaching, specifically social media, in a way that fits women from all backgrounds and learning styles. We take the time to get to know the women in our community and strive to build authentic relationships. As sisters and children of South Asian immigrants, we know the value of hard work and understand the political and cultural issues those in our community face.




empowering women of all backgrounds, colours, and languages

We are passionate about empowering women of all backgrounds, colors, and languages to feel confident in themselves and live holistic lifestyles because we know first-hand how those who are marginalized can struggle to feel seen and heard.




an inclusive space online

We want to create an inclusive space online where we can empower women and provide them with educational tools and community to grow their business online and build authentic, supportive relationships that allow them to live the lifestyle they desire.



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Tript & Prabh [of Buzzing Creatives] are such professionals and social media gurus. They have an amazing heart for our community, they specialize and are up to date on what is around to help us be up to par with the latest.
— Elise of @shilohzboutique

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Meet the Team

Prabh, founder of Buzzing Creatives


She went to fashion school (Blanche Macdonald), she went to art school (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) and she even went to regular school (University of British Columbia and The University of Oxford). In terms of learning who she is as a creative, she has gone far (from Canada to England) and wide (academia to studio time). Prabh has a Bachelors of Arts in Classical Archaeology, with a minor in Visual Arts and focus in Art History, and a Master's in Classical Archaeology. She is currently a Phd Student in Art History at the University of Toronto.

Her education and work experience have given her expert understanding of advertising, branding, marketing, public-relations, editing, writing and research.

Prabh firmly believes that you are a student your whole life, inside and outside of the classroom, and this has been the underlying principal in her desire to continuously stretch her brain, learn and experience so she has more tools to choose from in her creativity toolbox. She believes that absolutely anything can inspire so as long as you are open and aware of what is going on around you!

This has led her to dig on an uninhabited island in the Cyclades, to sketch in the British Museum, to make an 11-minute short film, to be a stylist's assistant, to walk the runway herself, intern at a magazine, spend endless hours researching in the Sackler library, and skate the Rideau canal in -45 degrees.

All of these experiences and others, that remain un-recounted, as well as conversations with other creative and academic minded people have provided Prabh with many a-ha! moments, moments that are very precious for all creatives. Moments that Prabh asserts are key in process, problem-solving and progression, also known as Prabh's three P's of creativity!

Tript, founder of Buzzing Creatives


Tript came out of the womb kicking, screaming and a dreamer. She was a little girl that let her imagination run wild with a paintbrush in her hand and spending most of her time lost in books. As much as her head was in the clouds she also found ways to help and encourage people in a real and meaningful way. She would spend her summer creating activities and lesson plans for her younger sisters, which in her adult life has manifested in the realization that she is passionate about teaching.

She believes life is a journey and inspiration, for Tript, can hit you at any given time. From travelling to Europe by herself for the first time at the age of 20 to shutting down an intersection in the heart of the city during peak traffic hours during a protest, or from going on an intense two day hike in the Himalayas to being in a U2 music video, Tript has valued adventure and creativity in informing her life journey nourishing her soul. Everyday she strives for a balance by combining her love for creativity, teaching, travelling and helping those in need. Recently, she volunteered in India teaching children from the slums in a makeshift school and developed and taught a basic computer course geared towards South Asian women, who otherwise felt intimidated to learn computers, at the local community college.

For Tript, innovation is the result of community supporting creatives and that is why she places emphasis on building a sense of community where teachers are students and vice versa, so everyone can learn from each other and grow as creatives.

This is also why education has been central in her life. She has two undergraduate degrees (BA in Psychology with a Minor in International Relations from the University of British Columbia & BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University) and a Master's degree (MA in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies, England).

Her work experience and studies have equipped her with many tangible skills such as researching, teaching, writing, marketing and social media strategies that she is excited to share with you!


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