3 New Ways to Get Discovered on Pinterest

Pinterest has gone through  many changes recently. And with these changes, there are now new ways you can get discovered on Pinterest. The 3 new ways for you to be discovered on Pinterest you will now have a way other than the Pinterest smart feed to have your Pins found on Pinterest.  These changes also indicated that Pinterest is placing more and more emphasis on engaged, good quality followers and therefore good quality pins as well.

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how to use hashtags on Pinterest


It's a way around the smartfeed - the pinterest algorithm!

Hashtags on pinterest now give you a different way to search on the platform.  

Now with the hashtag search on Pinterest, what happens is that when someone does a search on Pinterest but instead using a hashtag or clicks on a hashtag in a pin description, then pinterest will showcase the latest pins that have utilized that particular hashtag!

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Define your target audience with these 5 easy steps

Running a business without a defined target audience is like setting up a stall in a crowded unlit room. You know there are people around, people that would be interested in what you have to offer but they can’t see you and you can’t see them. So you end up shoving your pamphlet and giving your spiel to people who don’t care what you’re about because, well, they can’t see you in the large crowd in a dark room.

What does having a defined target audience look like?  For the right person, the world stops, the crowd disappears and all of a sudden a light shines from the heavens like a spotlight just on you. 

How do you obtain such a spotlight? You define your target audience and present them with your business as *the* solution or missing piece--and just like that, like magnets you will attract.

Here are 5 things to think about when it comes to defining your target audience:

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Become a Pinterest Keywords BOSS

getting keywords right is so important on Pinterest. Not to mention, that keywords and keyword searches increase your rank on Pinterest. Meaning the  more people land on your pins and engage with them they more likely your pins will become the first few to show up--which is the optimum place to be in as those pins receive the most repins or clickthroughs.

There are particular places on Pinterest that you should be using keywords in order to show up in the in-Pinterest searches. But to be clear, keywords on Pinterest don’t yield literal search results. This, in a way, is a good thing because the likelihood of your pins showing up are higher as long as your keyword is in the same umbrella. For example if you search “toys for toddlers” your search will probably yield results like “homemade toys for toddlers,” “quiet time toys for children,” “best apps for toddlers,” “nursery must-haves,” “outdoor toys,” “toy organizational kits”..you get the point!

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How to use Pinterest for Etsy

The best tool for Etsy sellers is Pinterest. Why? It’s essentially a search engine where your target audience hangs out and scavenges the internet for products just like yours. It has the ability to optimize your product’s reach outside of the people that follow you and it can drive traffic and sales. So if used effectively, Pinterest can be the most important tool for an Etsy seller and here is how to make Pinterest work for you

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How to use Pinterest effectively for your Business

Pinterest can be one of the major ways in which you see a spike in traffic to your blog or online shop--believe us-- but many people don’t understand how they can make Pinterest work for them. If used correctly, you can be directing people where you want to be every day in large numbers-- not just any people--but your target audience, you know, people that will convert.
This is why we emphasize the importance of Pinterest as a tool that every creative entrepreneur should not only have in their tool kit but know how to use effectively. That starts today!

So how can you make sure that your Pinterest is effectively working for your business? Here are 5 ways

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What is an Instagram Shadow Ban

This term Shadow Ban has been swirling around for the last week or so and it has gotten many people scared.  Instagram has not officially come out and acknowledged this “shadow ban” but it has in an indirect way acknowledged it by releasing an official statement on their facebook.  Mentioning that there is some things that they are trying to work out and for the time being they emphasize creating good, creative and unique content.  It seems this is all on to the road of Instagram working on their algorithm. 

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how to create lines in Canva

So it’s no secret here, but Canva has become one of the free services that has come to play an integral role in our small business. It has helped us create beautiful graphics, workbooks, opt ins, pdfs and more!

So in this quick video tutorial we show you how to create a line in Canva - in fact we share with you 3 ways to create a line in Canva.  This has come to be so handy when creating content for buzzing creatives, that we had to share with you.  

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