10 reasons we love ConvertKit

10 reasons we love convertkit

Here is the thing, we don't endorse anything we wouldn't use ourselves.  And one thing we are constantly recommending is CONVERTKIT.  If there is one investment (okay two) that we made early on in our business that has had the most return it is hands down CONVERTKIT and Squarespace.  

We heavily rely on CONVERTKIT for our business, everything from automating our email list, to setting up funnels for our paid products, to our free email courses, creating landing pages, getting valuable insights on our audience and more! 

We do admit, it has a little learning curve - but with the amazing knowledge base and also amazing support team you will be on your way quicker than you realize. And investing your time learning it will pay off big time!

We have only been utilizing Convertkit for about 6 months and have been able to grow our email list from nil to over 2000! Without really putting our full efforts into doing so. 

Why I love Convertkit after using it only for 6 months

1. More of your emails get opened

That is because CONVERTKIT really pushes for plain simple design for their emails. Other email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp put a heavy value on design. Although having a pretty email newsletter to send out sounds great, what actually ends up happening, due to the algorithms of email programs, those types of emails end up in the Spam or Junk folder.  This is because these email platforms recognize these emails full of flash and too many graphics etc. as spam.  Convertkit’s approach is simplistic back to basic type of design which I am liking. It means I spend less time on something (design) of my newsletter which is more likely not to be read, but instead work on the word copy and getting my message across.  Which is supposed to be the point of a newsletter anyways, right?

2.  You don’t need another program for Opt ins

 With CONVERTKIT you can create forms and landing pages to gather email subscribers. This makes adding FREEBIES, Opt ins, or Content Upgrades to your site and blog posts super easy! We have seen our email list explode with this particular feature that Convertkit offers.

3. Sequences/email course

CONVERTKIT has an amazing feature which they call Sequences that makes creating and implementing email courses super easy! We utilize the sequences option for our FREE Instagram Course and FREE Canva Course.  

4. Grow your income because, well FUNNELS!

All these things, landing pages + sequences have lead our business to grow.  We are able to utilize all these features of CONVERTKIT in together to implement our Sales Funnels. Where subscribers are funnelled through this sequence: freebie → put into sequence (free course) → then eventually sales pitch for paid product. 


5. Tags!

I cannot tell you how much this has helped us really narrow and target particular subscribers with particular emails thus campaigns and material/information.  In CONVERTKIT you are able to assign various different tags to each subscriber. And you don’t get charged for duplicate subscribers because with Convertkit there is no such thing.  You can sign up for various opt ins or freebies that we offer but you will only end up on our list once.

5. Broadcasts

In CONVERTKIT you are able to send individual emails called broadcasts to a specific group of subscribers. Whether that be subscribers tagged something or subscribers that signed up for a particular freebie.  It is can be super targeted and you can schedule it!  You are also able to RESEND emails that are unopened.  

7. Automations

CONVERTKIT has made automations super easy and I love how tags work with the automations on Convertkit. Thus you can end up on our email list by signing up for several things (freebie, join our newsletter etc) but you will be on our list only once. But in the Automations section of Convertkit I am able to set up automations that instruct Convertkit to tag particular people coming in from particular landing pages or particular freebies to be tagged with a corresponding tag.  I am also able to set up automations that then put them in a sequence of my choice.      

8. Integrations

CONVERTKIT has Integrations with  many platforms! This makes our lives much easier. Instead of having to import emails from another platform, it is already done for you! For example, with our Teachable integration, whenever someone enrols in our courses, their email is also automatically added in our Convertkit list and we are able to place those subscribers in sequences or tag them! This makes the entire process seamless and easy. 


6. Reports

CONVERTKIT produces reports for all your emails sent, where you can analyze which of your emails were opened and what is the best time to send them thus adjusting and learning what works best for your email open rates. It also indicates the conversion rates for all your forms and landing pages!


10. Their amazing support team  

Here is the thing, I ask a lot of questions and I have asked the CONVERTKIT team LOTS of questions. They were not only really helpful but also super patient.  Not only that - but they have an amazing knowledge base with instructional videos and step by step text instructions where lots of your questions are answered.  

*note this blog post includes affiliate links - we only include affiliate links of products that we either use or highly recommend