top 5 gift picks for the creative entrepreneur

gifts for creative entrepreneurs

As Creative Entrepreneurs or if you know any creative entrepreneur you know that the costs can get high, especially when you are starting out and learning all the tricks of the trade. So why not give a Creative Entrepreneur a gift that helps them along on this journey. These gifts for Creative Entrepreneurs that we have put together will definitely be appreciated! 

Giving gifts is something I really enjoy. The thought of getting someone, however big or small, and seeing the look on their face when they open it, is one of the most rewarding experiences. I actually love giving gifts for no special reason, often times if I see something that reminds of anyone in my life that I hold dear to my heart, I will surprise them with a gift. Those gifts are always the best ones - the unexpected gifts.  

Some of the best gifts are the gifts that you know the gift receiver really needs but hasn’t been able to purchase for themselves.  It’s also really important to reward yourself as a creative entrepreneur and buy yourself something.  

We have put together a list of gifts for Creative Entrepreneurs. These can be given over the holidays or actually any time of the year, whether it’s a special occasion or not! So these are gifts that we have put a lot of thought into. They are either something we personally have invested in and have reaped benefits from and would love you to do the same, or the same for the creative entrepreneur in your life.  Or they are gifts that we wish we had to help us along this journey, resources and tools that would have helped us immensely.  

here are our top 5 gift picks for the creative entrepreneur:


    The first pick is an email marketing platform that does more than emailing your list, 
    CONVERTKIT : has been by the far one of the best investments we have made. It has had the biggest impact on our business growth. We have seen our email list grow so quickly over the last few months. Convertkit makes everything easy: automations, integrations, sequences, broadcasts, opt-ins, landing pages and more!


    As a Creative Entrepreneur we have to invest in learning thus we have to invest our time and money, so as I always say one of the best gifts to give an online entrepreneur, small business owner, new blogger etc is an e-course. Check out our Instagram Course for Creative Entrepreneurs - INSTABUZZING. Any of our Courses would make a great gift this holiday season! 


    Continuing with the theme of learning - Blogging Clarity is a great resource with so many courses to help along anyone new to this online blogging/small business world - learn pinterest, content planning and media kits!


     ScreenFlow is also one of the best investments we haver personally made. It is much more than just an average screen recorder.  You are able to do so much to make your videos super Youtube friendly aesthetically and more! We use it for our tutorials, youtube and all our ecourse video material. It has allowed us to do so much for our business and the investment was worth every penny!


    With so much always on our plate, we have personally learned to outsource to become more productive in our business. Hey, we can't learn and do everything all at the same time! So when it comes to things like MEDIA KITS for your blog, small business, etsy shop etc. we highly recommend purchasing already done templates and trust me, when I say the best place to get the best value for your money is HIPMEDIAKITS!


pssstttt...why not pass this list onto your friends, significant other and family as gift ideas for you!

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