"We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies"

                                                           --John Marsden

Being a creative is an odd grey area. In one sense society is in clear need of creatives and creativity in order to problem solve, advance, grow and remain self-reflective and in check. In the other sense, society squashes creatives and creative outlets making it difficult to live as a creative and practice creative endeavours as a legitimate life choice and not just as a hobby. Society also undervalues the Arts and Fine Arts, making it secondary to the science and business sectors, which makes sense in the capitalist and consumerist world that we do live in.

What does that mean for creatives?

Where does that leave us creatives other than in an internal struggle and outward dilemma of conforming or becoming an outlier. Some have the courage to pursue their artistic and creative endeavours on the coat-tails of the slim odds of “making it,” while others may push their creativity into a hobby, something that they do in their free time or on the weekends. There are also those, sadly, that forsake creativity all together. Either because their schedule does not allow it or because they live life with an all-or-nothing mentality, meaning one cannot continue to create if their creative soul has been killed by becoming a 9-5 drone (yes, some people are just that black and white).

My struggle with being a creative

It’s the latter two types of people I would like to address, as the first type of person evidently realizes, acknowledges and conveys that they are, in fact, a creative.  I, myself, was someone who allowed my hours of creativity to lessen into an eventual zero total sum and realized I was unhappy. When I decided that something needed to change and tuned into the fact that I was missing out on the gratification and satisfaction that I enjoyed from being creative, I re-aligned my priorities and began a blog with my sister nearly 10 years ago while finding time every day to write and draw or visit museums and art shows. Not only has it improved the quality of my life, it has made me happier with what I am putting out into the world.

What do I mean when I say "we are all creative?"

The problem is also in how we define creativity. This is where the second type of creative comes into discussion, the kind of creatives that craft or remain creative for a side hustle or would like to begin creating for profit (we call these people creative entrepreneurs). We often think of creatives and we automatically paint a romanticized and cinematic picture of a struggling artist, misunderstood and tormented by their desire and art. It’s not our fault. The media arts have evidently chosen to focus on such artists as the definitions of and at the forefront of creativity and creative innovation--but it’s simply not true. Creativity is a blanket term and its definition is still debated amongst scholars. The truth is it covers a range of things, like, for example, problem solving and innovation, and a range of people/professions, like mathematicians, painters, chefs and architects.

So, what's my point and what can Buzzing Creatives do for you? 

My point is to state this: The world needs creatives, and more so creatives like you. But first it is important for us to acknowledge that we are creatives, only then can we map out our direction and our place. It is lastly important to understand that the world has changed on creatives. Meaning, that is much more viable now because of globalization, technology and the internet to be a creative for a living.

This is what Buzzing Creatives is about. We want to help creative entrepreneurs like you, whether you are a beginner or you don’t know where to take your creativity next. We want to help you through the process of taking that brilliant creative product or idea that you have and reach your customers and make a profit off of it. This means we are here for you with how to’s on Social Media, on Etsy, on Blogging, on Photography and other platforms that are required to get you noticed as the brilliant creative that you are! The most important thing we wish to have you take away is the community that Buzzing Creatives will provide and a key goal of this community is to keep each other motivated to create!

However, in order to get to that point  it’s like what I have already stated. It begins with your acknowledgement.

So, Say it with me: YES! I am a CREATIVE!

Now that you have enthusiastically and wholeheartedly accepted that you are a creative, we want you to remain motivated. In order to encourage you to remain motivated, we have created a “Creative Manifesto” for you to print and hang that will remind you of your commitment, especially when things feel difficult! Grab yours by clicking below!