4 Best Social Media Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs

Conquering Social Media doesn't have to be Scary

So you have been told over and over again: Get on Social Media! But with so many options out there (twitter, facebook, pinterest, snapchat etc.) it can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner.  So my advice is to always focus on one or two social media platforms to begin with. Really learn and master those platforms. Grow them to your liking and then move onto other platforms.

Trying to figure out and grow all those platforms at once will be really overwhelming, especially if you are not using a social media scheduler. By focusing on one, you will see great results! So it’s okay if your instagram has a lot of followers and your twitter doesn’t, you can focus on twitter later.

How to Simplify all that Information Out There

Now that you have decided to take my advice (I hope!) the next question is of which one or two platforms should I focus on at first? Well there is no wrong answer to this, but there are some social media platforms that will benefit Creative Entrepreneurs little more over others. The nature of the work produced by many Creative Entrepreneurs - such as Etsy shop owners, wedding photographers, graphic designers,bloggers etc. - much of it is quite visual.  Thus, my advice is to always start off with the primarily visual social media platforms.  This way you can showcase visually not just your products and work but also your branding! People are just intuitively more drawn to images - given the success of Instagram and tumblr - this has become quite more evident even in the social media savvy world.  


So What are the 4 Best Social Media Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs?

1. Instagram

This is where many of your potential customers/clients live! Take advantage of this platform by really showcasing your brand and aesthetic. Here you are given a chance to put up stellar photos of your products. The right hashtags and strategy will definitely increase your sales and traffic. Instagram is also a great community for creatives as there are tons of creatives, brands and shops on there, meaning you will discover many like-minded creatives. It’s community is also some of the most engaged communities for social media, with more likes and comments on Instagram than say a platform such as Facebook. It is also people’s favourite app to endlessly scroll through and procrastinate on (besides tumblr).  The best part is that Instagram is for EVERYONE. Men, women, all ages, tech savvy experts, photographers, travelers, fashion lovers, hobbyists, shops, brands, families etc.  And finally since everyone is on Instagram this also entails the global nature of instagram. Your business will be now on a platform for anyone in the world to see and know of it’s existence!

BONUS tip #1: Some hashtags for Creative Entrepreneurs

#creativeminds #createmore #calledtobecreative #creativepreneur #makersgonnamake #smallbusiness # handmade #etsyshop #etsyfinds #etsygifts #etsylove #handmadejewelry

BONUS tip #2: Use Instagram to sell directly to your clients by offering Instagram only services/products or special discount codes for your Instagram followers.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is another great visual platform.  Utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to your shop or blog is key here. Create great graphics with a “Call to Action,” which means giving some sort of value or an image of your product and link it to your blog/shop.  It’s amazing but honestly Pinterest is most blogger’s number one traffic source - think about the potential for sales - more traffic more sales! This is a great platform to get your work and products seen. Another benefit for Creative Entrepreneurs from Pinterest is that there is loads of information out there for you.  Everything from photography tips to social media marketing - take advantage of this and learn from fellow creatives.  

Bonus Tip #1: Join group boards

Bonus Tip #2: Convert your account to a Business Account

Bonus Tip #3: Use Vertical Images

3. Tumblr

I can’t tell you how many successful Etsy Shop stories I have heard of due to this platform. And the best thing about tumblr for Creative Entrepreneurs? Tumblr has action buttons such as “buy” thus acting like a social commerce site giving the users (aka your potential customers on Tumblr) an opportunity to buy with a link directly to your page! Tumblr is again a lot about great images.  I always say there are particular images that are tumbleresque - that is of a certain aesthetic.  Once you figure out this aesthetic - your creative small business can really benefit from this. You just have to keep in mind that Tumblr is generally a younger audience and it is heavily image oriented. So what that means is you have to create and curate an image for your product that will interest the viewer at first site, enough for them to want to click to want more. If your image/post goes viral on tumblr you will reap benefits! With communities focused around certain topics - DIY, fashion, celebrities, home decor etc- this is again a great platform to showcase your products and branding.  

4. Periscope

So this platform is visual and audio. Live-streaming is officially the next big thing - with Youtube and Facebook launching live streaming options as well. That is why Periscope is included in this list. This is a great platform though we know it does sound intimidating! But there are tons of benefits to Periscope.  Firstly you are on there talking directly to your followers / potential clients or customers.  Provide value here and build trust with your audience.  This in a way humanizes you, your business and your brand. You become a relatable person that your viewers have access to during your scope and thus they can even have a conversation with you.  In fact, many artisans and creative entrepreneurs take advantage of this platform by doing live-stream tutorials - such as hand-lettering.  Showcase your talent, your personality, your products, tips and advice,  some behind the scenes and you are bound to develop a following, also known as: Potential clients and customers.  

So, Exhale, You too Can be a Social Media Master

So here is the thing. Yes when you hear someone telling you “you need to get on social media” “you need a social media strategy” “are you on twitter?” “what about instagram?” it might all feel overwhelming and intimidating but truth be told-- just like many things-- the best way to approach this is to really master and grow couple of platforms instead of jumping right into the whole world of social media.  

BONUS TIP: I would recommend having the same handle/username on each platform so you might want to go ahead and open a twitter and youtube channel right now just to grab your username - even if you are not focusing on these platforms currently.  

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