5 Things Creative Entrepreneurs do Wrong on Social Media

Social Media has become a vital and necessary part of any Creative Entrepreneur’s marketing strategy.  Although most Creative Entrepreneurs understand that they need to be on social media many are doing it all wrong, meaning they are not seeing the results they would like with their social media marketing attempts.  It is understandable that social media can be a bit overwhelming and with so many social media platforms out there it can take time to differentiate and master them all.


We have put together a list of Things Creative Entrepreneurs do Wrong on Social Media.

1. Fail to use Analytics Tools

This is critical for your social media strategy.  Checking your Analytics tools for your social media platform can make a difference on your social media following and reach.  Analyzing your tools will provide you with a better idea of what times are best for posting to that specific platform, what types of post your audience likes, and how many referrals to your site or shop you are getting and from what post.  Most analytic tools come for free with the social media platform, for example, twitter, pinterest (business account) and facebook page have built in analytics, others such as Instagram you can use tools such as Iconosquare for a small fee.  This can change your total social media game!

2. Not having a direct link to your shop/site/blog in your profile or don't have a call to action on your profile 

I can’t tell you how many profiles I see on Instagram or Twitter that don’t have a link to their shop, blog or site!  This is the most important thing you can include on your profile. Even better than including a link to your blog is a link for an opt in freebie which requires your audience to sign up for your newsletter.  This is a great way to grow your email list.  Any which way you need to have a link up in your profile!

3. Not scheduling your social media

Let’s face it, being a Creative Entrepreneur means you already have enough on your plate. Trying to post consistently to all your social media platforms and trying to remain active on all of them can be overwhelming. We highly advise you to use a scheduler such as Buffer or Hootsuite where you can schedule your content for all your social media platforms.  Spend an hour or so at the beginning of the week and schedule, that way you don’t have to worry about your social media while you are, say, running an Etsy shop!  

It also helps to have a social media planner that helps you keep track of what your blog post ideas for each day are, that provides a checklist for all your social media platforms and their analytics, and is a place to compile a list of your Instagram hashtags and Twitter chats...WELL we've created one for you, so click below to grab one:

4. Not thinking about your brand identity

Keeping your brand consistent across all social media platforms is crucial. Your brand makes you recognizable and thus, recognizable across all platforms.  This means you should have the same profile image for all your social media platforms.  It is highly advisable to have the same handle/username for all your social media profiles. In addition to this you need to keep your brand colours, overall aesthetic, tone and brand voice consistent as well as it helps to establish your recognizable brand identity!

5. Not being social enough

Social Media is all about being social and sharing! This means share posts from a similar accounts as yours that provide value to your readers.  You shouldn’t be bombarding your feeds with just your content - this is too spammy.  Interact and comment on other’s posts. And join groups and chats.

A lot of social media platforms have groups or chats from where your business and social media accounts can really benefit from. We are always surprised by how many people don’t utilize these options. There are facebook groups for everything! Etsy shops, bloggers, food bloggers, moms etc.  These groups can help you grow your traffic/following and also provide you with loads of information.  It is also a great place to meet fellow creatives and even potential clients/customers. Also, there are many Twitter chats just for creatives and creative entrepreneurs! Again this is a great way to increase your followers, learn and interact with fellow creatives which can lead to potential collaborations while you gain valuable information. So start getting social! Don’t just post your content and sign off.  

So there you have it - 5 things that you could be doing wrong on social media that you can quickly fix! It’s always never too late to review your social media strategy and this list is a great place to start.