10 Ted Talks For Creatives

10 Ted Talks for Creatives

It's Important to Stay Motivated as a Creative

Staying motivated and on top of the game as a Creative Entrepreneur can take a toll sometimes. That is why it becomes important to surround yourself with supportive people that believe in you and remind you why you started on this journey to being with.  I’m lucky that that person happens to be my partner in crime here on Buzzing Creatives: My sister, also known as my best friend, my business partner and my person to have a good time with, my shoulder to cry on, my travel buddy.

Being a Creative and Entrepreneur at the same time can feel like a task at times

Creativity needs room to flourish. It needs watering and support.  Creativity, often misunderstood and undervalued in our society, can be fragile and often can be suppressed and not accepted.  I see this so often in our education system where there is a lack of creativity when it comes to how children learn and I even see it in the under funding of the arts by governments. My point is that sticking out from the norm and being a creative entrepreneur can feel like a task at times.  Sometimes it can leave you exhausted and burnt out.  

For me I have various sources to keep me motivated on this journey. One of them is to watch TED talks. I love watching TED talks to keep me focused,to inspire me, and to remind me why I chose this path.  We all need that little push, motivation and reminder sometimes.  

I have curated some of my favourite TED talks to re-energize you!

  1. Your Elusive creative genius - Elizabeth Gilbert

  2. How to build your creative confidence - David Kelley

  3. 4 lessons in creativity - Julie Burstein

  4. Do schools kill creativity? - Ken Robinson

  5. We are the stories we tell ourselves - Shekhar Kapur

  6. Success, failure and the drive to keep creating - Elizabeth Gilbert

  7. The Surprising habits of original thinkers - Adam Grant

  8. Embrace the Shake - Phil Hansen

  9. Where does creativity hide? - Amy Tan

  10. The power of vulnerability - Brene Brown

I would love to hear from you. What keeps you motivated? What are some of your favourite Ted Talks? I would love to watch some I haven't discovered yet!