3 Reasons Good Graphics are Important for Your Blog's and Brand's Success

GOOD graphics are vital for blog's success.png


As a creative entrepreneur there is nothing more important than brand identity to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other bloggers, jewellery makers, bakers or knitters out there. And in the current world we live in attention spans have become close to a few seconds long. This is why more and more brands, companies and even journalistic outlets have switched to image oriented online-marketing, the same online-space that most creative entrepreneurs function in. This begs the question again, how to differentiate yourself from the rest? How to make you the “go-to,” the trusted voice, the brand that someone thinks first of when they think of your niche?

The answer is: good quality graphics. So why are good graphics important?


1. Central to your brand identity

Good graphics and images are usually the first point of interaction between potential readers, clients, or customers and your brand. Having an amazing graphic can make the difference between having someone scroll passed your post versus having them pay attention to what you’re saying. In this way, graphics and images that you put up online are central to your brand identity. It’s the one piece of immediate information people have to make a judgement on you and what you are selling, this is why having good looking graphics is important. Having consistent graphics is also important because by relating certain colours, fonts and styles to you and your brand, you are providing potential customers, readers and clients with key visual cues that remind them of your brand and only your brand. They should be able to identify your brand based on certain key visual cues (colours, font or style) based on your images alone, as we know that it is a red bull commercial with its black and white animated commercials even if we were to watch it on mute and not have the logo show up at the end.

2. Grows your business by driving people to your website or shop

If your graphic is amazing then it will naturally pique people’s interest as to what you have to say. And if what you have to say is what this person is interested in (which they should be since, it’s a given you have posted your graphic in the right community, platform, place--right!) then they will click the link and end up on your site, fall in love with your brand and become a life-long reader or customer. Sounds too perfect? Well, it’s actually how things do work if done right. But what do you need first to set this chain of events into action? You guessed it, a great graphic.

Through this potential and ideal chain of events it’s easy to understand how great graphics can play a pivotal role in growing your business online, whether by boosting traffic, growing your list or increasing sales. Good graphics get re-pinned, re-blogged and shared, this means the potential reach of a good graphic is exponential when compared to a mediocre one. Imagine the different types of people and markets your images can reach all because your graphic was so amazing that all sorts of people become interested in what you have to say. For example, the better quality graphics on pinterest are the ones that people are more likely to pin and actually click on.

3. Gains trust and adds professional weight to your brand

Once you have amazing and consistent graphics that makes sure your brand identity is recognizable at the drop of a hat what happens next is that it establishes you as the person to trust in your niche. Good graphics show a mastering of certain skills and complex cognitive abilities. It also makes what you’re selling, whether your blog post or your latest jewellery item, that much more professional-looking. Trust and professionalism are key in creating and maintaining long term readers and customers and gaining new ones. As mentioned before, good graphics get re-pinned, re-blogged, and shared and the more people see your images and your brand popping up everywhere the more they will trust you. Especially, if say, someone they trust re-blogs your image.

There you have it. 3 reasons for why good graphics are important and what good graphics can do to take your creativity to the next level!