Cross promote your social media platforms to grow your following

Growing your following on social media platforms can sometimes be a frustrating process.  

Early on in our blogging career I was hit with a lightbulb moment - Why not use twitter to promote my other social media accounts? And guess what it worked! And guess what it actually has a name and is a legit strategy!

Grow your following on social media by cross promotion of your social media accounts!

So what do I exactly mean by cross promotion? I mean your followers on your twitter about your pinterest account. Tell people on your instagram about your periscope etc.

So let’s just distinguish between cross post and cross promotion.

Cross posting is when you post something on one social media platform and then share that post automatically to another social media platform.

An example of this would be, when you are posting on Instagram there are options where you can share the post on twitter, facebook etc. All you have to do is toggle over.

This is great - but sometimes not the best. This is because sometimes one social media’s posts do not fit into the other social media platform’s formatting.

So when  you share your instagram post to twitter it really doesn’t show up on twitter in an ideal way. It shows up as a link to your instagram post and not the actual image.  


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Cross Promotion is when you utilize one social media platform to promote your other social media platform.

Cross promotion on social media is actually a strategy that a lot of social media managers utilize and contributes to social media success. It is a great way to build your social media following without spending any money! It also means that you get to leverage your following on one social media platform to build a following on another social media platform. This is especially great if you have a big following on one platform and not so big following on another.

Also, note when we are speaking of cross promotion here we are speaking of all your social media accounts affiliated with your blog/smallbusiness, so your professional social media accounts.

I mean if you don’t mind everyone on your private facebook knowing about your business or blog then great! Ask your facebook friends to give your facebook a like!

But for this post we are going to be referring to all your social media accounts that are professional and not private.

So firstly you need to be present on many social media accounts for this to really work.  Or at least two social media accounts that you can utilize in this strategy.  

Examples of cross promotion of social media platforms: 

Promote your Pinterest on Facebook:

“Did you know we are also on Pinterest? Follow here (insert link to pinterest here)"

Promote your social media platforms by snapping your social media profiles / usernames on Snapchat!

Promote Pinterest on Twitter:

“Love spending my Sunday mornings Pinning away, check us out here” Include link and maybe a screenshot of your pinterest profile!

Below is an Example of Cross Promotion we did. We posted to our Buzzing Creatives Twitter Account Letting People know about our Pinterest Account!


Promote your Periscope on Instagram

Create a graphic using the periscope icon and your username, post on instagram and ask people to follow you on periscope and let them know what you will be live streaming about! 

Below is an example of us utilizing our Buzzing Creative Instagram to promote our Periscope!

For places such as twitter you should use a URL shortner such as since twitter is limited to 124 characters.  

These are just a few ways to cross promote and grow your social media following, an often overlooked strategy!