3 Useful Apps to Edit Your Photos for Instagram

It’s no surprise that Instagram is such a fast growing social media platform and a popular choice amongst small business owners and bloggers. It’s firstly and foremost a visual platform thus great for small businesses and bloggers.  It’s a great place to grow your brand and connect with fellow creatives.   

Since the foundation of Instagram is visual content the key to success on Instagram is good images and a cohesive feed.  A great way to attain those beautiful flawless images and cohesive feed is using apps that make it easier to have a consistent editing workflow resulting in amazing images and feed.  

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Here are some of our favourite apps for editing photos for Instagram:


1.   A Color Story

This is a app by a beautiful mess sisters and it’s one of my favourite apps along with VSCO.  This app is especially great if you want bright colour photos. Along with filters this app also provides you with the option to add leak colour and bokeh along with more options.  You are also able to save your editing workflow which you can use again and again to edit your images. This gives consistency to your images which then results in a cohesive feed! . They have loads of different options and this is definitely a fun app.

2.    VSCO

This is one of the best apps to use for editing images for Instagram and also one of the most popular ones.  There are loads of free filter and editing options that come along with the app. This app is especially great for photographers and quite popular with the blogger circle, especially fashion bloggers.   It has a very user friendly interface and it’s own community as well.  The best part is that it has a grid that imitates the Instagram grid, therefore you get a preview of what your grid would look like if you choose to publish the image you are editing on VSCO. 

3.  Snapseed

This is another popular editing app.  It allows you to apply different edits to different parts of an image.  The user interface is also really user friendly You are also able to see what your image looked like before your edits were applied and you can do this while you are in the process of editing.  

It just takes trial and error to see which editing app you like using and what aesthetic you prefer. Any which way editing apps help you with your editing workflow and can lead to cohesive feeds when you use the similar settings each time you use the app.  The best part about editing apps is that they mean you don’t require big expensive cameras and editing software to achieve those amazing looking Instagram images and feeds!