How to Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags are key in Instagramming. You can’t just post images without hashtags and expect to draw attention in the sense of gaining likes and followers.


But what exactly are hashtags?

A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social media, which make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. It is normally a word or a phrase preceded by “#” symbol.

What do hashtags even do?

So as you can see, hashtags, by definition, are key in making your Instagram feed discoverable. They also keep your images alive since otherwise your images have a short shelf life, keeping them alive means they will forever be discoverable under the hashtag it is linked to. The problem is that most people on Instagram don’t use hashtags in the most effective way. Essentially, you have this missed opportunity to increase your engagement and see real growth on your Instagram.



So, here are some things to think about if you want to hashtag in an effective manner:

  1. Don’t use hashtags in your captions

    Okay, you can use a few hashtags in your caption, however, it makes your caption look too cluttered, spammy and salesy. You want an amazing caption to go with your amazing picture, so why clutter it up with # after #? The caption should clearly and coherently relate what your image is about as it should function supplementarily. In this regard, the caption becomes really important in making a sale, elaborating about a service or describing an outfit. This is why having hashtags in your caption makes it distracting for the reader. It has also been shown that engagement goes down when you have more than five hashtags in your caption. So, if you are going to use hashtags in your caption it’s best to include only 1-3.

    Where you should be placing your hashtags, instead, are in the comments section where you can post up to 30 hashtags. Definitely use up the 30! This way your hashtags are hidden but yet still functioning!


  2. Use the RIGHT hashtags

    Really think about the hashtags that you are forever linking with your image and in effect with your Instagram account and even more so, with your brand. Using the right hashtags with see your account grow faster with real organic followers because you are providing them something of their interest. So how do you figure out which hashtags are the right hashtags for you and your image?


  3. Would your Target Audience search that?

    By hashtagging with your Target Audience in mind. When you have a specific and ideal person in mind, whom you would like to double tap on your picture and then follow you, it becomes easier to fill in the hashtags.
    This is because you should think to yourself, if I were the Target Audience what would I put in the search bar?

    For example, if you are selling handmade toys from your etsy shop, hashtagging #etsyshop will draw your peers to your site and not your ideal target customers. In order to attract them you have to think outside yourself and instead think like your ideal target customer. Instead this prompts hashtags like #mommyblogger or #newmom or #newdad.

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