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If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, social media or our private facebook group then you would know by now that one of our favourite social media platforms is Instagram (if you are not following us on Instagram check us out: @buzzingcreatives and give us a follow!  

We love Instagram so much that we even have a course called Instabuzzing - which is all about understanding your target market, perfecting your bio, growing your instagram, developing a visual strategy and finally utilizing instagram to convert your followers into clients/customers! 


After our various interactions and working with clients we have come across some questions that are on a lot of people's mind when it comes to Instagram. So we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions regarding Instagram that we receive. 

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How many hashtags should I / or could I use on Instagram?

You are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram.  But we highly advise that you use anywhere from 1-3 hashtags in the caption of your post and then up to 30 hashtags in the comment.  You don’t want to clutter your caption with hashtags because it looks too spammy and it has been shown that engagement goes down if there are more than 5 hashtags in the caption of your post.

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How often should I post?

We highly recommend that you post 1-3 times a day. If you can’t post 3 times a day you should try to post at least once a day. This is more important especially when you are trying to build a following on Instagram.  People need to be continually seeing you in their feed, this is especially true with the new Instagram changes that highly reward engagement. The more you post and the more engagement you have and thus you are more likely to show up on people’s feed.  We also recommend that you don’t post too many times a day, posting more than 3 times becomes a bit too spammy. A great way to post up to 3 times a day is scheduling your Instagram posts before hand. This makes the process much more efficient and consistent.  We use Hootsuite to schedule our Instagram posts.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Here is the thing, there is no right time to post on Instagram that would apply to everyone (Check out our Periscope on this very topic) But according to a study conducted by Latergramme 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. on average are the most successful times to post on Instagram. And Wednesday is the best day of the week to post. But here is the thing - you need to find out when it is the best time to post on Instagram according to your target market. You need to clearly define your target market and then find out when they are active. In all likelihood everyone’s target markets are active at different times on Instagram - new moms vs teenagers.   A great way to find out when the best time for you to post on Instagram is by studying your analytics.  Instagram has rolled out this feature in some countries with their Instagram for business accounts.  There are also other third party apps such as Iconosquare or Simply measured that you can use to help you figure this out.  

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What apps are great for editing photos to post on Instagram?

Establishing your instagram aesthetic is very important. It reflects your brand and leads to your feed to be cohesive (Grab our FREE Instagram style guide).  The filters and editing features that Instagram provides are great in itself. But if you want to do more then there are some great apps out there that are free or have some free features. Check out these 3: a color story, VSCO, and Snapseed 

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What if I’m not that great at taking photos or don’t have time to take photos for Instagram?

All you need to take good photos for instagram is an iphone, good lighting and your subject. If you feel like you are not apt at editing software or additional apps then Instagram filters are sufficient. If you really would like to take it a step further than that due to time or budget, not everyone has the time or money to buy props or learn editing software, then this is what we recommend: You can always hire a photographer or as many bloggers and small business owners are doing now, use stock photos. There are many stock photo membership sites out there that send you monthly stock photos for you to use for your Instagram account, blog, and other social media platforms. Sites like Pixels and Lattes have various different themes and packages for you to choose from.

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