Snapchat for business: Why and How to use it

Snapchat isn’t only for teenagers and celebrities, it’s for you too--ya--you! As a creative entrepreneur you can use snapchat for your business.

Why snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and offers exciting features not found elsewhere (until Instagram stories - though instagram stories is missing filters and geotags). You can send personal snapchats or create a snapchat story that is available for 24 hours. What’s even cooler is the fact that you can use filters, emojis, geo-filters and text as well! The creative scope for the use of snapchat for your business is endless!

Without having to do very much, you can use snapchat to take your branding and marketing to the next level entirely. Meaning, you can use snapchat to humanize you and help you connect with your followers/clients like no other platform allows. You can show your creative, quirky, fun, funny, or personal side with snapchat and all of it’s features.What is even more important is the fact that you have full control. You can edit your stories to fit your brand identity.It is also a good way to ease into live broadcasting or vlogging since it familiarizes you to the idea of people watching you.

Well then, how to use snapchat for your business?

Increases engagement 

With snapchat, what you end up doing is inviting people to keep up with you, your work and your life to a point where they feel engaged. You talk to them, you ask them questions which they can reply to through the chat feature and you get people thinking “hey this person is just like me and I’ve seen what they get up to everyday and how they work” creating relatability and approachability. This is even more applicable if you use Snapchat to provide private or exclusive content! For example, you can offer sneak peeks to new products or your creativity process.

Promotions, perks and giveaways

Keeping in line with the last thought of private or exclusive content, you can use snapchat to offer exclusive promotional codes or coupons and even discounts. You can employ this in a number of ways, either for your own service or merchandise or as an affiliate for someone else (you see a lot of vloggers, for example, offer their snapchat people with exclusive ubercode discounts). You can let people know at the beginning of your snapchat that there will be a special something for them at the end so that will encourage viewers to watch your full story. Ultimately this sort of snapchat strategy creates brand loyalty.

Behind the scenes

People love to know how others operate, how things are made, ideas are realized and that is why behind the scenes snaps can become the most enticing of all snapchat content ideas. Not only does it go beyond products and services but it also humanizes you and your brand. It also offers a unique angle than otherwise seen on your website, shop, blog, twitter, instagram etc. and a change from regular promotional snapchats.

A few more details

It is important that your snapchat name is similar or the same as all your other social media handles so people can find you easily. Also remember to add your snapcode (little yellow ghost with black dots) to your blog, and to promote your snapcode on your other social media outlets. But mostly, remember to be yourself. People love watching real and interesting people and what they do, so don’t forget snapchat is about you so as long as it is still in the confines of your brand! Share interesting stories and information about yourself, your day and life, it doesn’t always have to be about business.

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