Why you should use styled stock photos


Here is the thing, we all are not amazing photographers or photo editors or photo styling isn’t our thing. But we all know the importance of amazing photos and images when it comes to running successful blogs, businesses and social media accounts online.

Why you should use stock images?

Often times we don’t own the expensive equipment and software required. Or we have an iphone to take amazing photos but don’t have the training for the editing or the props needed.  Don’t be mistaken, I believe everyone can, with some practice take amazing photos with just an iphone. But I do understand that with loads to do for our blogs or businesses we often don’t have the time, money or energy to learn yet another skill.  So how do we go about this? Well guess what? More and more bloggers and small businesses are starting to see success with stock photos!

We all know how key images are crucial for your brand identity and the success of your brand.  Building a consistent brand is important. But what is even more important is to make sure the images you are utilizing to represent your brand are good quality. These images reflect upon your brand.  So therefore if you write an amazing blog post but your images are poor it will drastically hurt your blog post’s potential.  Visuals are often the make or break.  And since beautifully styled flat lays is all the hype in the Instagram world they can really help with your Instagram game!

What are Stock photos?

Stock photos are photos taken by photographer for commercial use. They are often photos of landmarks, people in all sorts of situations and environments, and everyday objects and places. These are often for purchase and once purchased you can use them and reuse them for commercial purposes.  Many online publications do this.  

How can you use stock photos?

You know those wonderful desktop layouts you see on Instagram? Or the amazing cover photos on facebook business pages? Even those amazing graphics on Pinterest and amazing photos on those amazing blogs? Many of them utilize stock photos.  

Where can you find stock images?

There are many sites out there that have free stock images available. Those are always great place to start.  

There are also great sites that offer membership where for a monthly fee you get sent stock photos for you to use however you want!

Pixels and Lattes is one such site. The great thing about this site is that they have all sorts of themes they cover with their stock images. From feminine desktop flat lays to food/fruit related photos. You should take a look! There is something for almost everyone!

Instead of spending time looking through loads of stock image catalogues and not finding something that is trendy or current or reflects your brand give our friends over at Pixel and Lattes a try!

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