How to use Instagram Stories - a step by step tutorial

2016 thus far has definitely been the year of Instagram. First there was the logo change, then there was the new algorithm changes and now we have Instagram Stories.  All this change can be a bit scary at first but in the long run these changes will be great for your brand and business.  

What is Instagram Stories?

Those that are familiar with snapchat will find Instagram stories to be quite similar to snapchat and thus should be able to ease into it.

Instagram Stories is a new feature which allows you to create a “story” which is a montage of photos and videos that you take and add as you go to what then becomes your story when viewed together.  

Essentially it becomes a sort of slideshow which appears on your account for 24 hours and then disappears.

So let’s get right to it!

We have recorded a full Instagram Stories Tutorial for you, if you are not up for watching the video no worries, we have a step by step tutorial in images and text below!


When you are in your HOME SCREEN you will see Instagram Stories. The bar on top is the Instagram Stories bar.


To watch the Instagram Stories you need to:


  1. Click the HOME button to be at the screen where you can see all the Instagram Stories (or you can watch them on individual accounts when you are on that person’s account, if they have a colourful wheel around their profile photo, that means they have an Instagram Story that you have not watched)

2.  Click on the story you want to watch and the story will open and start playing

3.  While in someone’s story, you can TAP the screen to go through the story quickly

4.  To skip the entire story you are watching and to watch the next person’s story you SWIPE LEFT

To Send Message:

  1. While you are watching a story you can send the person a message (a direct message) by clicking the SEND MESSAGE button which is located at the bottom left hand corner

To Exit Instagram Stories:

  1. Press the “X”  in the top right hand corner and you will exit Instagram Stories and find yourself back on your home screen

To Record Your Own Instagram Story:


  1. Make sure you are on the HOME screen (if not click the Home button to get there)

  2. Click the plus symbol in the upper left hand corner and you will be taken to the Instagram Stories screen

  3. To record a video, PRESS and HOLD the circle button at the bottom of screen

  4. You will see colourful ring appear around the button - release the button once you feel you are done recording

  5. To take a photo - just click the circle button once

To add to your story:

  1. Once you are done recording or taking a photo press the checkmark to add the recording/photo to your story

You can Also:

  1. Click the cancel button to discard of the video and photo

  2. If you would like to save the photo or video to your camera roll click the download button on the bottom right hand corner

Do More:

  1. To your video or photo you can add text by clicking the ‘Aa’ button on the upper right hand corner, you can also change the colour of the text - the colour palette shows up when you select the ‘Aa’ button.  

  2. You can  draw on your video/photo by clicking the brush button - this will open the drawing tools where you can choose various brush types and colours.

  3. Apply filters to your video/photo by SWIPING LEFT

  4. Upload photos/videos taken in the last 24 hours from your Camera roll to your story by SWIPING DOWN on the Instagram Stories Screen to access your Camera roll

Watch your own Instagram Stories and See Who Else is Watching


  1. Click the YOUR STORY button in your home screen or YOUR PROFILE PHOTO in your profile

  2. While watching your story you will see a number appear at the bottom of the screen - that is the number of views that section of your story has got

  3. When you click the number your analytics appears

  4. Here you can see how many people have watched each section of your story and who those people are, download the story to your camera roll, UPLOAD your story to your Instagram feed and delete parts of your story that you don’t want in the story anymore

CONTROL who is watching:


  1. In the analytics section click the WHEEL ICON in the upper left hand corner

  2. Block particular accounts/people from seeing your story by selecting the “hide story from” section

  3. You can also customize you can send you direct messages with the “allow replies button” on this screen

As we say in the tutorial video - remember if you are using Instagram Stories for your Brand/Business - remember to stay focused! Keep your brand and target audience in  mind when you are recording Instagram Stories.