How to create free amazing graphics for your blog & business

How to create amazing graphics for your blog and business using Canva


We all know that visual communication has become more and more important over the last decade or so.  The growth of Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr is a clear indication of this.  Thus for good graphics become vital to the success of your blog and business.  

A catchy headline and a eye catching graphic is what will draw readers to your blog.  And with Pinterest being a lot of bloggers and small business’s highest referral site we now need to create amazing graphics that will not just get pinned over and over again but will also make people click through to your blog or site.  

Keeping your brand in mind and having big text overlays usually help with this.  

Now I know that many of us want to be able to create those amazing graphics but are not as tech savvy. No worries - that was my fears way back in the day when I started to blog.  

This is where Canva enters!

What is Canva?


Canva is an amazing FREE online tool that makes designing your own graphics, pdfs, and documents super easy with simple drag and drop features.  Canva also provides free templates and already designed layouts for you to use and manipulate to make them your own.


Why Canva?


  • First off it is free

  • It is super easy to use - simple drag, drop, click features

  • It is very intuitive

  • They provide you with already designed layouts - half your work is already done!

  • Easily sharable and editable graphics

  • And more!


The key things to keep in mind when creating graphics


  • Keep your brand in mind - your colours and fonts are included, also the mood of the graphic (feminine, monochrome, fun and colourful etc.)

  • Try to keep you graphic clean - lots of white space always works!

  • Make sure your text sticks out - make it big and clear to understand, don’t overcrowd

  • Make sure your message comes across clearly

  • Remember to put your website address somewhere on the graphic

  • Just have fun and play around, test various different types of graphics and see which one works!

We have put together a QUICK CANVA TUTORIAL video for you. We also share a step by step below with images and text.  


this video was created by using the program SCREENFLOW

psssttt....guess what? this was just a quick video, a teaser if you will! We actually have a  for you! Enrol now by clicking the graphic below:

How to Use CANVA:

1.Head over to - if you don’t have an account create one, it’s super easy and     quick to do. If you already have an account sign in!

2.You will then appear on the home page, where you can select what type of graphic you      would like to create - Canva has a huge range of types of graphics for you to choose      from -    everything from pinterest graphic, email header, business cards, ebook book    cover, Instagram  post and more!


3. Once you select the type of graphic, in the following screen, on the left hand side you will      see various different layouts that are already designed by Canva. Most of them are free to use!

4. Select one by clicking on it and it will load on the page

5. Now you can customize the graphic to make it your own - with different fonts and    colours    that fit your brand and style!

6.To change the colour of the background click on the background and a colour palette    appears on top - click it and more colours appear, it’s easy as clicking another colour  and the colour of the background changes

7.To change the text to type in your own copy, click the text box, highlight the text and start typing your own text

8.To change the font style and size - click the text box and the menu will appear on top. You can easily change the font and fonts style from there.

9.To add a graphic or object to your graphic, click the search tab on the left hand menu (the magnifying glass) and type in what you are searching for e.g. tree, star, balloon etc.

10.To change the colour of the object you just added - click on the object and the colour palette will appear on top from which you can choose a different colour by clicking on the colour boxes


11.To change the size of the object - click the object, four dots appear around the object, move your mouse over one of the corner dots, a double headed mouse appears - this is the resize mouse. Click on the dot, keep it clicked down as you drag the object to the size you desire

12.To move objects on your graphic - whether it be a text box or the graphic/object you just added, click on the item (the text box, graphic etc.) hover the mouse over the object and a four sided/cross mouse symbol will appear. You then hold down on the object and drag it to where ever you like!

13. To rename your graphic - click the file name on top and a dialogue box appears.  Here you  can type in your file name and click done! 


This was just a quick tutorial on Canva, but guess what? We have created a FREE CANVA course where we give you an Introduction to Canva!

  • This is a 3 part course and it is ALL video based!

  • We go through and give you a walkthrough of all of Canva including all the tabs on the left and the menu items on top.

  • We also Create a social media graphic with you going over each step.

  • We then Customize the graphic through various manipulations which we walk you through step by step.