How to use Facebook groups to promote your business

Facebook groups are a great way of increasing your following and engagement, but yes, it’s another social media platform to manage and curate or keep up with. But if done effectively Facebook groups are truly rewarding. There are few ways by which you can use Facebook to promote your brand either through your own Facebook group or through others. It is important to find groups that are in and about your niche or to restrict access to your own group to keep your members as reflective of your target group as possible.

Other Facebook Groups

1. Help whenever you can

If you come across a post which you have covered in a blog post be sure to share your post. Be as helpful as you can as people will begin to recognize you as an authority on the particular topics and this, in turn, will drive people to your website. The more helpful you are, coupled with the good quality information that you have provided, will make people trust you and become a returning follower.

2. Share your link but with this key action

A lot of Facebook groups provide the opportunity for people to share their recent posts in the form of a “daily promotion thread.” Do not just leave your link in the comments. Make sure you entice readers into clicking the link you have provided by telling them a little about your post. This is a great way of increasing traffic to your site but we suggest not posting during high traffic times as your post may get hidden amongst all the other posts.

3. Find Facebook groups that share your interests

Facebook groups provide the perfect chance to reach a community of people that are already collected together and hold your interests. Now you know exactly where to find “your people” and these Facebook groups can be used to prime and introduce people to your brand and what you want to sell or share. You can also use these Facebook groups to survey information you are interested in having in order to make decisions about your business. For example, it would be a good place to bounce a potential course idea and to see how your idea is received. It is also a great place to meet like-minded individuals who would like to collaborate, cross-promote or become affiliates.

Your own Facebook group

1. First, let's clarify, it's not about you

Facebook groups that are created for your business as say private groups associated with courses or with an email list or even open groups in general for your business are made for the people in your niche. It is for them to connect, to ask questions, to learn and to promote. That is what every successful group focuses their attention on, their people. Building a sense of community in your group means taking the spotlight and putting it on the individuals that make your group special.

2. Consistency is key

People love consistency because that is what builds trust. Post regularly and keep the same themes going in your group. That way your group members know what to expect and can even learn to look forward to it. But it is also important to remain consistent in terms of interaction.  Respond comments and posts frequently as it shows that you are also invested in the people that are invested in your group. Having given the whole spiel on consistency, we will mention that it is also good to share other things on interest like articles and opportunities to keep your group interested.

3. Pay attention to the information

Engaging your members to answer questions or surveys or allowing them the openness to be able to freely ask questions actually gives you a lot of key information that you can use to your business’ advantage. You are being given information on your target group’s pain points, gaps, holes, struggles and this information can in turn help you to set yourself as a key authority figure in this niche and offer the solution to their problems as either through your services or courses. So don’t take that information for granted!

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