why you should schedule your social media

You know that feeling of being so overwhelmed with your to do list and even though you have put hours and hours into your blog and business still there is not enough time? That is because we need to spend time working smart and not necessarily hard. Thus having systems in place is the key here. Automating aspects of your business and blog such as social media will not only save you time it will help you better understand your audience. Therefore Scheduling your social media becomes vital to your blog or business’s success.

So if you have not been scheduling your social media then my friends, it’s never late to start.

Here are reasons why you need to schedule your social media:

1. Understand your audience and what they want

Social media scheduling has meant that now I have more time to use the social media scheduling applications to understand what content works and is popular with my audience and what content isn’t. Or more importantly via the analytics that is provided through these scheduling platforms we are more able to understand what the optimal times are for us to be posting to the different social media platforms. This then informs our publishing schedule, what type of content is posted and on what social media platform.


We all know how hard it can be to remember important dates when it comes to our personal life.  This becomes even harder when it comes to our business and to remember all the important dates that are relevant to it.  Scheduling your social media ensures that you don’t miss out on the important dates - whether that’s mother’s day or national waffle day. This doesn’t just let you plan and schedule your content beforehand according to the different holidays but it also lets you adjust your content around the holidays depending on if that is a high traffic time or low traffic time for your blog or business.  


Posting to social media can be time consuming but it is necessary to our businesses and blogs.  Thus instead of spending your time everyday trying to publish to each social media platform, scheduling your social media allows you to allot that time to your content or your business.  It also allows you to be strategic when it comes to your social media since you are planning ahead of time.  For example, posting to Instagram 2-3 times a day at intervals when you are starting off is crucial to growing your account. But this would be highly time consuming task if we didn’t schedule these instagram posts beforehand. Thus automating your social media is a key to increasing your productivity. Having systems in place is key to any successful business.


Having people being familiar with your brand enough that they are able to recognize you is important. Thus it becomes important to be consistent on social media.  If you are appearing in people’s feed consistently with valuable information or content that is of interest to them they are more likely to become familiar with you, your face, your brand and thus more likely to trust you which directly affects your traffic and sales. Thus scheduling social media takes away this burden since you don’t have to worry about this aspect of your blog or business since it will be automated.  Now you have time to build relationships with your audience by taking time to engage with your followers.  

Now that we have established the power of scheduling your social media you can head over to a social media scheduler, signup and start scheduling! (We use Hootsuite for buzzing creatives)

There are many options available out there when it comes to social media schedulers. It just depends on what you are looking for.  

We personally use and love the scheduler from our home town of Vancouver, HOOTSUITE.  Not only does hootsuite provide you with social media scheduling it is much more than that.  It is an entire social media management system.  

  • You are able to track and monitor all your social media platforms on their dashboard. We run quite a lot of different online businesses and blogs. We are able to use our one hootsuite account to monitor social media accounts for all those business.

  • Not only can you schedule your social media on hootsuite, but you are also able to monitor your social media. This enables you the ability to see what others are saying about your business or blog and how they are interacting with your content.

  • Plus they provide you with a weekly analytics report!

There are lots of other social media schedulers/management tools you can also checkout, such as Buffer, Later (for instagram, also from our hometown of Vancouver), Tailwind or Boardbooster (for pinterest, we personally use Boardbooster and love it!) & more!

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