5 Reasons Google Photos is the new must have tool

5 Reasons Why Google Photos Is the New Must Have Tool

I have a thing for new tools and apps.  I love trying new things that make my life easier. But more so what makes me run my blog or business smoother.

Google photos is one of those.  Not only do you need this for your blog or business but you need this for your personal life!

With the advent of digital photography, long gone are those days of family albums with those limited amount of photos taken over a particular amount of time. Now we take endless amount of photos with our phones that you can’t even count them.

They start taking room on our computers and devices, so we back them up on hard drives. But there is always that fear of - what if you lose your hard drive? What if there is a fire? What if your hard drive just stops working?

This is when Cloud storage for photos comes into play. Now there are many services out there: icloud, Amazon, dropbox, one drive, and more!

The key here is to determine which one suits you the best. Which one provides more value for less. After have my fair share of trial and really researching.  I am currently recommending Google Photos to everyone.

Here are 5 reasons Google Photos is the new must have tool:


1. It’s free for unlimited storage

Yep, you read that right, Google is the first company to provide unlimited storage for your photos for free.  The only catch is that with the unlimited storage, Google will compress your photos, and there is a limit to the photo size (16 megapixels) and video size (1080p).  This really isn’t a big deal, the compression of the file size of your photo is not really that noticeable, even when you zoom in.  Unless you are in the photography business or a serious photographer, this shouldn’t concern you much.  (If you are a photographer, then google drive is a great option, but it is a paid option) Any which way, you should also be storing your full quality, full size photos in another place along with google photos.  An external hard drive is always great place to backup your photos as well.  

2. Has amazing editing apps

This isn’t something new to cloud photo services. But Google photo makes this super easy with each photo editing option having a slider that you can easily control.  The best part of Google Photos is this amazing thing called “Assistant”.  This is a really neat function Google Photos has. Google photos creates stories, animations, collages, videos etc. for you with your photos and videos.  This is great! I just saw a video compilation of photos and videos from a recent road trip that Google photos assistant put together and it was amazing to watch!

3. It's easy to use and figure out, but most importantly it makes your life easier when it comes to photos!

Installing Google Photos backup on my laptop and the google photos apps on my phone has made my life easier.  It has a user friendly interface, which makes it easy to use and figure out. Using the different organizing and searching abilities makes it super easy to access my photos, organize them, share them and back them up. Now my photos on both my laptop and phone are automatically backed up and I don’t have to worry!

In fact, Google photos is so awesome and wants to make your life so much easier that when your phone is full it will ask you if you want to delete the photos on your phone that are already backed up on Google Photos!    

4. It has amazing organizing and searching features

Google photos takes the recognizing technology to a whole new level! Google photos has a great feature where they are able to recognize the location of the photo - even the old photos taken on a digital camera! And of course images that were taken when your location was turned off, it recognizes that location as well.  It does this by identifying landmarks, for example if you have the eiffel tower in the photo, it will be able to identify the location and label it correctly as “paris”.  

The technology that Google photos uses for recognition is so amazing that it is able to recognize the difference in dog breeds. So if you type in “golden retriever” in the search bar it will only turn up photos of golden retrievers and other types of dogs won’t show up.  

In fact there are more levels to this amazing search feature.  You can search, food - “pizza” or food in a particular location - “pizza in new york” which will then result in photos of pizza that you took in New York or “snow and mountain” which will then result in photos of mountains with snow or taken on a mountain with snow.  

And when it comes to people, the facial recognition abilities are amazing.  Once it labels a person, it is then able to recognize that person all the way back to infancy!

5. Easy to Share

Google photos makes sharing your photos easy. You can upload photos directly to social media networks such as twitter, facebook, google + and more.  Another neat way you can share with Google photos is by creating a url which you share. This Url then takes visitors to a page with photos you have selected and put together!

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