how to use hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags are a thing on PINTEREST! Yep you read that right! After saying “no” to hashtags on pinterest for so long, we know this sounds very counter intuitive. But here is the thing, pinterest recognizes that brands have come to love their hashtags since they are such a popular function on the other social media platforms. So Pinterest jumped on this train as well.  So as of September 2017 Hashtags are a must on Pinterest!

how to use hashtags on pinterest

Here is what you need to know about hashtags on pinterest

It's a way around the smartfeed - the pinterest algorithm!

Hashtags on pinterest now give you a different way to search on the platform.  Usually when someone performs a search on Pinterest, the search results are populated by the complicated and “no one really understands” pinterest algorithm. This means there is a chance your pins might appear in the search results, given you have been using pinterest strategically (checkout our PIN FOR GROWTH course on learning all about this!) , but even then there is a chance your pins might not appear in the feed for your followers or in the search results.

Now with the hashtag search on Pinterest, what happens is that when someone does a search on Pinterest but instead using a hashtag or clicks on a hashtag in a pin description, then pinterest will showcase the latest pins that have utilized that particular hashtag!

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Pinterest doesn’t want you to use more than 20 hashtags per pin - we highly recommend you still spend time on you pin description, utilizing the correct keywords, and then adding the hashtags to the pin description.

  2. According to Pinterest, you want to make sure these hashtags are “specific and descriptive” hashtags.

  3. Only use hashtags in the Pin Description - they will not function anywhere else!

Some pinterest hashtag strategy:

Hashtag search on pinterest is looking for the freshest pins - therefore when using hashtags on pinterest use a mix of evergreen hashtags and time sensitive hashtags.

For example:  

Your pin is a  healthy vegan thanksgiving recipe

Therefore you would use time sensitive hashtags, such as: #thanksgivingmenu #veganthankgiving #thanksgivingrecipes

But also add evergreen hashtags, such as: #veganrecipe #vegandinner

Use the hashtags responsible manner  - again do not clutter your pin description with hashtags for the heck of it - make sure they are relevant! Especially if you view pinterest as a serious part of your entire business or blog strategy then you need to keep in mind that you want to attract the right people to your pins - the ones that are looking for the value or content you are putting out.


Choosing hashtags on Pinterest

So hashtagging on pinterest is fairly new, so we are sure that in the near future we will have a better idea when it comes to our hashtag strategy on pinterest.

But here is something to keep in mind: make sure your hashtag is relevant to your pin!

Start by typing in a hashtag that makes sense and pinterest will pop up hashtag suggestions, each hashtag suggestion will also have a number beside it - indicating how many new pins are currently using that hashtag.

So just as we do on instagram - use a mixed bag of hashtags, that is use some popular hashtags, but also some very targeted and specific hashtags with less pins associated with it. Try to stray away from really broad hashtags, so instead of #yoga, use #hathayoga - get specific!

Get in the brain of your target audience - think to yourself if you wanted to find a pin similar to yours what hashtags would you put in the search bar?


Where should you put the hashtags on pinterest?


As mentioned above, use hashtags ONLY on pin descriptions because this is the only place where they function!

Currently it seems that the location of your hashtags in your pin description doesn’t matter - that is you can place them on the top, at the bottom, or in between your pin description - it’s up to you.

But here is what we suggest - place your hashtags at the bottom of the pin description - this leaves your pin description looking less spammy and also decreases the chance that a pinner will click away on those hashtags causing them to leave your pin!

This way your pins are showing up in the search results due to the hashtags but are not distracting your viewers.  

Alright - go ahead and hashtag away on Pinterest!

and while you are at it - don't forget to grab your FREE pinterest domination checklist below!

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