How to use Pinterest effectively for your Business

How to use Pinterest effectively for your business

Pinterest can be one of the major ways in which you see a spike in traffic to your blog or online shop--believe us-- but many people don’t understand how they can make Pinterest work for them. If used correctly, you can be directing people where you want to be every day in large numbers-- not just any people--but your target audience, you know, people that will convert.
This is why we emphasize the importance of Pinterest as a tool that every creative entrepreneur should not only have in their tool kit but know how to use effectively. That starts today!

So how can you make sure that your Pinterest is effectively working for your business? Here are 5 ways:

1. Pinterest for business

If you are a business trying to use the online world to drive traffic and sales to your online shop, or even a blogger or influencer you need to have access to analytics otherwise you are essentially shooting in the dark. You need to know how your target audience behaves online, what time they log on, what the like to repin etc. But Pinterest for Business also lets you set up rich pins (more on that later) and promote pins too. All of this on top of being able to establish yourself as an expert as a business account is automatically more professional than a personal account. Its free to do so and all you have to do is go to the Pinterest Business page and click “Convert Now.”

2. Create Pinnable Graphics

There are certain types of graphics that work better than others. For example, longer graphics grab attention better and DIY/ step-by-step tutorial graphics also grab more repins. Also, putting catchy and enticing to the point text overlays on your graphics also piques people’s interest. Putting a pop of colour in either your text or you image and decluttering your image composition is a good starting point!

3. Delete pins that haven’t done so well

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform? Well, that actually means more than you think, especially when it comes to driving traffic. When someone searches something on Pinterest, the algorithm shows the more trusted pinners first and so if you have a bunch of pins that haven’t performed well you may show up later down the feed where people begin to lose interest--which is not good.

4. Rich Pins

Nothing to be intimidated by, these things are actually your friends--your good friends! Rich Pins basically contain more information than your ordinary pins which really increases the likelihood of your pins being found and repinned. They will include things like your blog headline, logo, name and caption.

5. Keywords, everywhere

Your pins will never be repinned if they are never found and they will never be found if you don’t associate all the right words with them. So what are these so-called “right words”? Well words your target audience would put into the search. Start by describing your outfit, recipe or including bing words like “quick and easy thanksgiving apple pie” or “denim crop-top” or “10 ways to strategically use Pinterest for your Business” all keywords people are likely to search. Start by naming your pictures with these keywords in your caption before you upload them to your blog. This will automatically have that caption with those keywords appear whenever anyone goes to pin that specific photo off your post.

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