Become a Pinterest Keywords BOSS

Become a Pinterest Keywords Boss

To use Pinterest to its greatest potential as a creative entrepreneur or small business owner is to show up in people’s searches who don’t follow you or know you yet but are in your target audience. How do you do this? By being found in a keyword search on Pinterest. Why is this particularly beneficial to you or your business? Because, Pinterest users have shown time and time again that they are the group of people who will click through to your website or shop, will sell sign up to your mailing lists, buy your products or repin to visit later. This is why getting keywords right is so important on Pinterest. Not to mention, that keywords and keyword searches increase your rank on Pinterest. Meaning the  more people land on your pins and engage with them they more likely your pins will become the first few to show up--which is the optimum place to be in as those pins receive the most repins or clickthroughs.

There are particular places on Pinterest that you should be using keywords in order to show up in the in-Pinterest searches. But to be clear, keywords on Pinterest don’t yield literal search results. This, in a way, is a good thing because the likelihood of your pins showing up are higher as long as your keyword is in the same umbrella. For example if you search “toys for toddlers” your search will probably yield results like “homemade toys for toddlers,” “quiet time toys for children,” “best apps for toddlers,” “nursery must-haves,” “outdoor toys,” “toy organizational kits” get the point!

What are Keywords?

Keywords are specific words or phrases that describe what you are pinning, your niche, your product or service.


What do Keywords do?

They are like a filing system. They help people find what they are looking for online and more importantly, find you. That is why it is important that you let Pinterest know you exist by using the keywords associated with your, your business, or your niche/product.

So, where and how should you use Keywords?

1. Profile Description

This is such an important place to have keywords because when people land on your profile through the curiosity of a pin they need to know exactly the type of subject matter they can expect you to be pinning in order to feel compelled to follow you. Your description should be full of keywords that are on brand and target specific.

2. Board Names

Again, these should be on brand and target specific, but most importantly they should be clear and to the point as to what the board will contain. When someone ends up on your profile they will scroll up and down and in an instant decide off of the boards they see whether or not you are giving them what they would want more of. That is why giving a clear indication through your board titles is a good place to start, because it will attract your target audience and avert those that are not--which is what you want if you want to be using Pinterest to make passive income as people outside your target audience may give your profile or a board or two a follow but won’t convert into buyers. So, the point here is this: fill your board titles with concise keywords.

3. Pin Descriptions

This is the place where you tell people more about your pin, essentially, you are letting them know that your pin is what they are looking for. You can a little more creative with your pin description and make it more interesting as this is the place where Pinterest takes liberty in interpreting keywords and will yield similar results. Make sure you use this place to tell the pinner to take some for of action, either to “save this recipe for later” or “more colours on the shop click through to shop.”

4. Image File Names

So many people lose out on this keyword opportunity. You want to have these file names containing as descriptive keywords as possible like “off-the-shoulder-white-top.jpg” as opposed to “image2334.jpg.” This will also increase your chances of showing up in the searches by a lot.

5. Alternative Text

Alternative text is the text associated with your blog post images and becomes the default text associated with your image when it is pinned--see why it is so important! Don’t expect other people to rename your images for you, so make sure it is ready to go with all the right keywords already included.

These are only 5 of 11 places where you should be using Keywords. How do I find out the rest you ask? Checkout our new course: Pin for Growth. This course is designed to help every creative entrepreneur and small business owner use Pinterest as an effective Marketing tool.

What do we mean?

Pin for Growth will teach you how to gain targeted traffic and passive income through:

1. How to optimize your Pinterest profile and images
2. Use Keywords strategically and effectively
3. Understand and manipulate the Pinterest smartfeed
4. Incorporate your branding into your Pinterest in order to attract your target audience, the
 audience most likely to convert into passive traffic and income
5. Schedule and automate your Pinterest so you don't have to put in all those extra hours because your Pinterest will be doing it for you!
6. Creating Pin-worthy graphics & images
7. Marketing strategies to promote your Pinterest and have it found by the right people!
8. Understanding and using Group Boards

These are all the actionable strategies and systems you will learn in our 3 module, self-paced and value-packed Pin for Growth. 

Don't wait around and regret it later when you find out that all your peers have been using Pinterest strategically instead of as a place to save all your recipes and shoes you want in one place. Pinterest is a search engine and Pin for Growth wants to teach your to start realizing that that means it's a great way for your Target Audience to find you and for you to then direct them to your blog and shop--and make the buck!