How to use Pinterest for Etsy

how to use pinterest for etsy

The best tool for Etsy sellers is Pinterest. Why? It’s essentially a search engine where your target audience hangs out and scavenges the internet for products just like yours. It has the ability to optimize your product’s reach outside of the people that follow you and it can drive traffic and sales. So if used effectively, Pinterest can be the most important tool for an Etsy seller and here is how to make Pinterest work for you:

1. Click throughs over repins

Repins are all the rave when it comes to a lay person’s understanding of if a certain pin does well over another. But for a business owner repins aren’t helpful. They just tell you that these many people liked your photo enough to slap it on some board and to look at maybe once or twice in the future when they’re bored. I mean, okay, repins are great because they get your product out to a farther reach! But what you really want is people clicking through from your Pin to your shop-- so what you really want is people impulse buying and that doesn’t happen with repins. This is why your graphic and description need to be bang on that people think they need that product ASAP. You need to have the right target specific keywords to have people land on your pins and then you need to have the right enticing description and photo combination to have people click through (more on this later). Remember, in order for people to be able to click through you need to add your shop’s, or more specifically your product’s, URL to your pin.

2. Images for your Pinterest are different than for your Etsy

When people are looking through Etsy they are approaching your images in a different mentality. They are already thinking about buying or are at least interested in it. But even more than that, the context is there. They know they are looking at products for purchase while on Pinterest that context no longer exists. So you have to make sure that your images on Pinterest show your product clearly and as a the focus of your image. People need to be able to tell what your product is without a description first or else they might just scroll away. In order to find out what works best for your target audience try out a few different types of image styles such as styled photos, flat lays, different angles, detail shots etc and stick with the ones that receive the best responses!

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3. Get your Description on point

Your description is so important for a number of reasons but mostly because this is your opportunity to have keywords attached to your pin to make it more searchable--which remember, is the point of Pinterest as it is a search engine! Keywords can make or break your ability to use Pinterest effectively. So really think about what words your Target audience would be putting into the search in order to end up on your product pin or board. A good starting point is to make sure you are describing your product and put the most important keywords first! Even more that that use your description to have people click through and buy, essentially, use the description to sell. How? Have a call to action in your description, tell people to “shop more colours” to “take advantage of the sale now.” Things like that will make people want to click through!

4. Join Group boards

Group boards are a collaborative effort between Etsy sellers and that is why they can be so beneficial. Think about it, all of these amazing product in one board is something a lot of pinner would love to have. But what’s especially great is that because these boards tend to be popular they will also give your product reach. So they can help your product wound up on thousands of people’s feeds and give you those repins. And if you have your product description and photo right you will be getting those click throughs, like we talked about!

5. Pinterest for business

If you are an Etsy shop owner you need to have access to analytics otherwise you are essentially shooting in the dark. You need to know how your target audience behaves online, what time they log on, what the like to repin etc. But Pinterest for Business also lets you set up rich pins and promote pins too. All of this on top of being able to establish yourself as an expert as a business account is automatically more professional than a personal account. Its free to do so and all you have to do is go to the Pinterest Business page and click “Convert Now.”

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