Why Your Business Needs to Be On Pinterest

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine with a social media component to it. If you are not using Pinterest for marketing your products and services then you are missing out! Your business needs to be on Pinterest.

More than 87% of Pinterest users have bought a product because of the platform. source

your business needs to be on pinterest



This makes sense, well because pinterest users are utilizing the platform looking for inspiration, whether it’s their wedding planning, new recipe, home decor etc.  Now imagine your business being able to showcase potential customers how your products and services can help them accomplish their ideas? This is exactly what Pinterest can do for your business. Utilizing Pinterest strategically for your business leads to:

  • increased brand awareness

  • additional blog traffic

  • new leads

  • increased sales

  1. Pinterest users are ready to buy

    Pinterest is a big visual search engine and it’s a platform that users turn to when they are in the research phase of their planning. It’s also a place that people go to for inspiration, whether it’s their wedding planning, new recipe, home decor etc. Therefore users on pinterest are already in the right mindset - the mindset that is likely going to lead to them making a purchase. Pinterest reduces the steps from discovery to conversion for the potential buyer.

    It’s hard to deny this fact, for nearly 93% of Pinners said they use the platform to plan their purchases (now that is almost all of them!) source

    Another 67% of pinners say that they have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest source

    So it is very important for you to embrace the fact that pinterest is a top resource for shoppers - shoppers looking for that gift, product, or outfit. Your brand needs to be on Pinterest - there is no question about that.

    According to a recent study done by Hootsuite - 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. And 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan future purchases. And guess what over 70% of Pinners use the platform to make offline purchases. There is no secret here: Your business needs to be on Pinterest!

  2. Pinterest is a huge Traffic Driver

    Pinterest is a major traffic driver, in fact it is one of the most successful social media platforms that help drive traffic back to your website.  As indicated in a recent Hootsuite Study - Pinterest is responsible for 5% of all referral traffic! source And when looking at just shopping websites, Pinterest drives 33 percent more referral traffic than Facebook!

  3. Pinterest is a great Market Research Tool

    Pinterest is a great platform for you to discover what your audience loves, and what is trending.  Pinterest is a great research tool, to see what is hot and trending currently and how your business, blog, services or product fits into that! This then will definitely inform how you then position your business

  4. Free Marketing

    Pinterest is a platform where user engagement is super high. The intention of most users on Pinterest is to simply find and share things with small groups of people.  This is good for your business, why? It means your pins are more likely to be seen and even go viral! Therefore Pinterest in a way is Free Marketing for your business and why wouldn’t you want that? Not only are you sharing your content on Pinterest, but you have others sharing your content for free on Pinterest when they pin and repin your content themselves!

  5. Passivity of it

    Who wouldn’t want passive traffic and passive income? Pinterest will do this for you! All you need is to take time learning and implementing the platform, but once you have all of that down, you can sit back, relax and wake up to new subscribers, new visitors and new sales every day! Pinterest only requires that you take time out once a month or so to schedule your pins. Pinterest is not a platform where you need to be actively on every day.

    Think about it this way: Amazing Pins + Amazing content + Scheduling your Pins = passive income and traffic!

    Give it a try!

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