3 New Ways to Get Discovered on Pinterest

Pinterest has gone through  many changes recently. And with these changes, there are now new ways you can get discovered on Pinterest. The 3 new ways for you to be discovered on Pinterest you will now have a way other than the Pinterest smart feed to have your Pins found on Pinterest.  These changes also indicated that Pinterest is placing more and more emphasis on engaged, good quality followers and therefore good quality pins as well.

Here are 3 new ways you can now be discovered on Pinterest

  1. The following tab

  2. Hashtags

  3. Your profile

3 new ways to get discovered on Pinterest
  1. The Following Tab

This has got to be the most exciting update, especially for people who have been pinterest users for a really long time and remember pinterest before the introduction of the Pinterest Smartfeed

The following tab, is essentially a second feed, in addition to your home feed on Pinterest. The difference between the two? Whereas the home feed on Pinterest is controlled by the Pinterest smart feed algorithm, the following tab is not!

The following tab is populated with pins from the people, profiles, and boards you follow. And they are posted in reverse chronological order, meaning they are show up on your feed as they are pinned with an indication of when the pin was added with a time stamp on the pin!

So what does this mean for you? It means that you now have a way of making sure your followers are seeing your pins!

And this is why scheduling your pins comes in handy!

With the following tab, the first 5 pins that are posted from your account after midnight UTC or 5pm pst / 8 pm est - are first showcased to your followers. So therefore you need to make sure you are scheduling pins to go out everyday, but also that the first 5 that are going out after 5pm / 8 pm est are YOUR pins, so when your followers do click the following tab, they will see your pins!

Now why this first 5 pins emphasis? So although the Pinterest smartfeed algorithm doesn’t interfere with the following tab, it does still want to make sure you are not spamming your followers by pinning 100 pins in a row. Therefore this is the only time it does interfere, to make sure your followers see your first 5 pins, and then the next 5 pins they see are from the next profile they follow.  

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are another way for you to be found on Pinterest. For the longest time, hashtags were not a thing on Pinterest, they were useless on the platform. But recently, Pinterest has embraced the hashtag!

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Some key things to remember:

Hashtags only work in the pin description - they do not work anywhere else on pinterest! Also they are only really effective for fresh content / new pins! When someone searches for a hashtag, or clicks on a hashtag on Pinterest it will pull up the most newest pins that have utilized the hashtag. And remember to use hashtags with your target audience in mind!

3.  Your profile

Pinterest has made lots of changes to the way your pinterest profile looks.  And this is definitely a space that you can use strategically to be discovered on pinterest.

The profile header, is a way for you to showcase your latest pins, display your products, your services, your blog posts and more! It’s almost like a free advertisement for your content and increases the likelihood of visitors of your pinterest profile to discover and get to know your content.  And this is why we recommend to go into the settings of your profile header and set it to showcase pins from the board that is entirely dedicated to your pins, blog posts, or products!

Also pay attention to the change in what numbers are now shown on your pinterest profile. Instead of the amount of followers, now pinterest showcases your monthly reach - which often is a higher number than your followers.  This is a great way to make a good first impression to those that land on your pinterest profile!

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