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how to create lines in Canva

So it’s no secret here, but Canva has become one of the free services that has come to play an integral role in our small business. It has helped us create beautiful graphics, workbooks, opt ins, pdfs and more!

So in this quick video tutorial we show you how to create a line in Canva - in fact we share with you 3 ways to create a line in Canva.  This has come to be so handy when creating content for buzzing creatives, that we had to share with you.  

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3 Reasons Good Graphics are Important for Your Blog's and Brand's Success

As a creative entrepreneur there is nothing more important than brand identity to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other bloggers, jewellery makers, bakers or knitters out there. And in the current world we live in attention spans have become close to a few seconds long. This is why more and more brands, companies and even journalistic outlets have switched to image oriented online-marketing, the same online-space that most creative entrepreneurs function in. This begs the question again, how to differentiate yourself from the rest? How to make you the “go-to,” the trusted voice, the brand that someone thinks first of when they think of your niche?

The answer is: good quality graphics. So why are good graphics important?

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