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How to use Instagram for Etsy shops

Instagram and Etsy are made for each other.  Instagram is a highly visual platform so what other better way to showcase your products and Etsy shop? And guess what? You are promoting your products and not having to pay for it!

Instagram not only provides you with the opportunity to showcase/sell your products through another platform but it also contributes to you building your brand online which connects you with your audience and potential customers!

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How to have amazing pictures on Instagram!

As a creative entrepreneur visual strategy is a key part of your business strategy and brand identity because it’s the best way to attract people to your account and drive them to your website or shop. But it’s having your images and account stick out amongst the rest that is often the difficult part. Instagram can be frustrating in that way. You may have amazing products or insanely well-put-together outfits but if you don’t have a visual strategy in place for your Instagram then people simply will not pay attention.

Fortunately, there are very simple and easy things that you can do to improve your visual content and get the recognition you deserve.

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How to Hashtag on Instagram

So as you can see, hashtags, by definition, are key in making your Instagram feed discoverable. They also keep your images alive since otherwise your images have a short shelf life, keeping them alive means they will forever be discoverable under the hashtag it is linked to. The problem is that most people on Instagram don’t use hashtags in the most effective way. Essentially, you have this missed opportunity to increase your engagement and see real growth on your Instagram.

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How to write a kickass Instagram Bio

Bios are difficult, but they don’t have to be. I know first hand that some of us aren’t marketing gods, we don’t know the right words to describe ourselves and our work, but we’re here and we have something to say about ourselves and the art or products we want to share. So we struggle through all the information online hoping there is a magic formula that will make writing the bio that much easier. 

Here are some basic guidelines to follow and think of when you are writing your bio

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5 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media

Meaning that there are many things you SHOULD be doing on social media, but if there are things you SHOULD be doing there are always going to be things that you SHOULD NOT be doing.  

Before we jump right in, the key to all of these unspoken rules is that the word to remember is SOCIAL.  Social is about relationships, about give some take some, about support, and about networks, meaning it definitely isn’t about ME ME ME ME.  So let’s apply that to the world of Social Media and expose these rules and boundaries.  

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4 Best Social Media Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs

there are some social media platforms that will benefit Creative Entrepreneurs little more over others. The nature of the work produced by many Creative Entrepreneurs - such as Etsy shop owners, wedding photographers, graphic designers,bloggers etc. - much of it is quite visual.  Thus, my advice is to always start off with the primarily visual social media platforms.  This way you can showcase visually not just your products and work but also your branding! People are just intuitively more drawn to images - given the success of Instagram and tumblr - this has become quite more evident even in the social media savvy world.  

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