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Why a little bit of procrastination is actually exercise for your creativity

Some people call this procrastination, but that term has always come with a negative connotation. One that expresses a sense of bad time-management and laziness or even denotes a sort of risk-taking personality. And I am none of those things.  I am not a procrastinator even though it takes me half a day to actually sit down to get my work started . A contrarian in this regard, I know, to the text-book definition of procrastination. But I get it, the world calls this let’s just, for the sake of making things easier, agree to refer to it as such. Even though I think it’s that I just simply know that I work better in the evenings. Until the evening, I engage in, what I like to loosely call, “brain exercises” to get my brain used to the idea of and ready for the cognitive olympics I am about to enlist it into.

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5 things creatives get wrong when it comes to their creative process

From a young age we are taught rules and methods when it comes to creating.  Although those rules and methods are great guidelines, we all have our own ways of doing things. And in these ways of doing things that are personal and unique to us is where often times our creativity flourishes.  That is why it is vital for us as creatives to take the time to reflect and really figure out what our creative process is.  

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Explore your creativity

figure out what type of creative you are and according to that maximize your productivity. Don’t let those romanticized Hollywood movies or pop-culture stereotypes fool you into believing that there is only one type of creative and a single way to be productive because that’s simply not true. The point of creativity is to be divergent, it is to be different, to offer unseen solutions and push old concepts into the new, so why would you spend your energy on becoming a type of creative you are not and not on developing the creative you are to the full potential? 

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