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What is an Instagram Shadow Ban

This term Shadow Ban has been swirling around for the last week or so and it has gotten many people scared.  Instagram has not officially come out and acknowledged this “shadow ban” but it has in an indirect way acknowledged it by releasing an official statement on their facebook.  Mentioning that there is some things that they are trying to work out and for the time being they emphasize creating good, creative and unique content.  It seems this is all on to the road of Instagram working on their algorithm. 

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7 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for your Business and Blog

Algorithm changes means Instagram now shows your followers your post not chronologically as posted but through a smart feed - meaning Instagram decides if your posts get shown and when it shows up for your followers.

This is why I urge you to utilize Instagram Stories. This way even the followers that are not seeing your posts can still view your content via Instagram Stories. Therefore you are able to reach more followers through Instagram stories.

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How to use Instagram Stories - a step by step tutorial

Instagram Stories is a new feature which allows you to create a “story” which is a montage of photos and videos that you take and add as you go to what then becomes your story when viewed together.  

Essentially it becomes a sort of slideshow which appears on your account for 24 hours and then disappears.

So let’s get right to it!

We have recorded a full Instagram Stories Tutorial for you, if you are not up for watching the video no worries, we have a step by step tutorial in images and text below!

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How to use Instagram to drive sales without being salesy

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to build relationships and trust with your audience and this is often one of the first steps of converting your followers into buyers and getting them to click over to your shop/blog/website

Whereas Twitter is great for community and Pinterest is great for driving traffic, Instagram is great for building trust with your audience.

And the best part? Instagram has a global audience, meaning a global reach!

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3 Reasons Good Graphics are Important for Your Blog's and Brand's Success

As a creative entrepreneur there is nothing more important than brand identity to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other bloggers, jewellery makers, bakers or knitters out there. And in the current world we live in attention spans have become close to a few seconds long. This is why more and more brands, companies and even journalistic outlets have switched to image oriented online-marketing, the same online-space that most creative entrepreneurs function in. This begs the question again, how to differentiate yourself from the rest? How to make you the “go-to,” the trusted voice, the brand that someone thinks first of when they think of your niche?

The answer is: good quality graphics. So why are good graphics important?

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