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Elsie | Confident Motherhood


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I’m a wife, mom and owner at Confident Motherhood which was previously Shiloh Z Boutique.  We inspire women to live confidently through motherhood and we are blessed to be part of the handmade world.

Being an introvert at heart is not easy, however, somehow I am great at connecting with people and connecting people.  Networking is a forte of mine. A few random facts about me: photography is a passion I am mastering, I love a good red wine, I always have gum handy, and my bed has to be made before I lay on it.

Buzzing Creatives has been a blessing to not just my business, but my life.  It goes beyond the screen with learning to market your business and the entrepreneur world.  It is a community of women, who have set aside any political and religions preferences and phased the world together.  We tackle things together and learn and grow together. Tript & Prabh are special. Their passion to help others achieve their business goals go beyond what most companies out there will ever provide.  It is a strong community that is always on the know. Once you become a part of it, you are there for ever. You become family.

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