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Hi, my name is Mohenz and I’m a mother to a beautiful girl. I have been a Graphic designer for more than 11 years and am currently owner and creator of modern keepsake handmade shop Sophie’s Dolls. I moved from Puerto Rico to San Antonio TX to start a new life after Hurricane Maria. I believe that when you take a closer look you will notice that people are unique in their own way. At the same time we have characteristics that make us all similar and connects us. This concept is what Sophie’s Dolls celebrates! Our company was created to bring joy to kids all over the world!

I’m thrilled to meet you here on the Buzzing Creatives website! The environment that Tript and Prabh create has been key for the strategic growth my small shop has had and I probably could not have survived without them. I am forever grateful to have found them and now I call them my friends. They are my kind of “University!” So if you love to learn and grow your business while feeling the support of a community of lifelong friends and collaborators behind you--this is the place for you too!

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