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for a small business owner, Instagram is the most effective social media platform to increase your business potential and reach...

So why are you using it wrong? 

we will:

  1. Tell you how to optimize your Instagram profile
  2. Give you personalized feedback on your visual content and how to improve it
  3. Provide an extensive hashtag list based on your Target Market
  4. Tackle all aspects of your Instagram, including the tiny details (like your captions) to make sure you are
    attracting exactly who your business needs in order to succeed

Our audits have shown to increase engagement and growth for small business and Etsy Shop owners just like you:

We don't only tell you what to do
We give you the necessary strategies and tools


"I am a handmade (mama-made) shop that started from scratch. In this community, I've learned through trial and error, advice from fellow shop owners and ultimately doing research. Sophies dolls  introduced me to Buzzing Creatives during their full week insta-stories Q&A's. I was hooked after attending a virtual session. I started to take their tips and apply a bit at a time until finally went all in and got their instagram audit IT WAS THE BEST decision I have made for my business!

They went through my entire profile, audited what I have and made the recommendations best fit for my brand. I have only made 1 adjustment and the amount of improvement that I have seen is OUTSTANDING!

I am sticking to where my brand is headed, I have a clear understanding for my feed and there's so much more. Like I said, they go through the entire profile and point it all out.

Tript & Prabh are such professionals and social media gurus. They have an amazing heart for our community, they specialize and are up to date on what is around to help us be up to par with the latest. Whether you are a brand, a blogger or even a rep account, I recommend their audit to the max. It's worth it, make the investment and grow! You will fall I love with your brand again once you see things come together. I know that I can say I am falling in love with my brand again!"


                        Mohenz, Owner of  Sophies Dolls  

                        Mohenz, Owner of Sophies Dolls 

Elsie, Owner of  Shiloz Boutique . Featured on: Today Show, Vogue, Glamour

Elsie, Owner of Shiloz Boutique.
Featured on: Today Show, Vogue, Glamour


"The Instagram audit with Buzzing Creatives was the best investment I had made since I opened my online shop. I rapidly started to see a real growth and connection with my followers.

The audit gave me many tools, guidelines and the focus I needed to strive on Instagram.

This helped me a lot and I know there are small shop owners in need of real and on point advice made just for them!  If you are a small shop or a blogger struggling at Instagram and your work, you must get this audit!

I can say this in one phrase: This was a pivotal point in my small business!"

instagram audit before and after
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