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We love creatives and strive to build an online community of--you guessed it--buzzing creatives! A part of our community building process is sharing your story as a creative, because what inspires more than hearing other people's journey? We believe that each creative's story, process, ideology, dreams and methods are unique to them but can have a huge impact on fellow creatives. We all have something to share even if you think your story is too small or if you feel like you haven't reached where you would like to be as a creative. We love supporting creative entrepreneurs and encouraging their growth as a business and brand and this feature is one of the many opportunities we like to offer!

The details: 

This feature will provide a lot of exposure to you, your creative work, and your shop. It will not only stay up on the blog, but will also be promoted through our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This makes our promotion of you and your awesomeness really comprehensive on Social Media, while simultaneously inspiring fellow creatives on the blog! Its just $50 USD! (prices may rise as followers grow). 

Its simple: You fill out this form and we send you a questionnaire that you will answer and send back to us.  Please give us your name and your business' name in the "Subject" section of the form. 


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