ChAllenge Day FOUR

Your Pinterest Followers



on Day 4 of the Pinterest challenge by Buzzing Creatives we look at your Pinterest followers - how much do they matter and how they matter.

We also look at ways you can be a recommended pinner!

As you can see, your views are more important than your followers on Pinterest and you need to be focusing on the RIGHT followers!

PIN FOR GROWTH , our signature Pinterest Course, is designed to teach you:

  • getting your Pins to surface in the smart feed

  • having people click your pins,

  • increasing your views and reach,

  • getting the "right" followers,

  • having your pins to show up in the following tab!

  • We show you how to beat the Pinterest smartfeed (algorithm)!

  • and so much more!


So if you are serious to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your traffic, your sales, your business passively and want a step by step guide to get you there then take action - and enrol! (we will also give you 25% off for a limited time! use code: pin25)

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