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Pinterest Strategy Consultation


Why Pinterest Strategy Consultation?

Let us work with you to help reduce the anxiety of using Pinterest for your business.

We’ll examine what you are doing, what you can change, and how to implement strategies all personalized to YOUR Pinterest needs!

2019 is the year of Pinterest. If you want to grow your business, your traffic passively and your income passively, then NOW is the time!


Here is what you get




The first step in working together is us getting a good idea of your brand, your business, you as a business owner, your Pinterest knowledge, your goals for working with us, and how you see Pinterest helping you achieve growth for your business.




Full review of your account and boards: Every Pinterest audit is tailored to the individual content creator or brand. Your audit may include profile optimization, board optimization, pin description suggestions, and reviewing your graphics.




We will compile a strategic plan for you to execute resulting in massive Pinterest growth and meeting your goals.  This includes improvements that you can implement immediately, suggested hashtags & keywords, website improvements to drive conversions, and suggested group boards.




A 1:1 call with us to go discuss our findings and the strategies in your report (plus your chance to ask any follow up questions)!


Your Investment

$250 (limited slots)


Doing Pinterest Strategically means:

Growth in  traffic - more visits to your shop, website, blog equals to more people coming across your products and services!

Growth in your business - by placing your brand, products, services in front of more eyes.

Save money - you can reach so many people in your target audience by utilizing Pinterest strategically without spending money on ads!

More time towards your true business passions - you can now spend more time creating content, products and services.

Increase new leads - new people coming across your business every day resulting in new leads.

Growth in your community or email list - people finding you on Pinterest are ready to hear about both your paid and free content.


Who are We?


We are Tript and Prabh from Buzzing Creatives, where Creative minds learn the power of social media - and yes we are sisters! We teach creative entrepreneurs how to grow their business online by leveraging social media.

We personally have seen massive success with Pinterest:

  • Our number source of Traffic and Income is made Passively through Pinterest

  • 67% of Visitors to our website is from Social Media - google analytics (2018)

  • 98% of the social media traffic is from Pinterest

  • Our email list has grown passively to over 5K in a short time and as a result our income has grown  

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