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Ready to make a commitment to growing your amazing business, but don’t know where to start? Choose the platform and level you feel would be of most value and let us guide you through the rest!



Pinterest is the most powerfully transformative marketing tool for a creative entrepreneur--gain passive traffic and income while saving money and time, start here:

free challenge

reading information is fine, but sitting on it is not! Let’s get active and challenge ourselves to see some REAL change with Pinterest. These are 5 step-by-step action based tutorials to roll up your sleeves and start seeing that increase in traffic.


pin for growth

What if we told you Pinterest can become the #1 most effective referral source for your business? That it can increase your traffic and income as well as your email list 5x, 10x and more. Lay down foundational blocks, set up surefire systems and strategies, optimize your profile and automate and schedule to free up time. Learn how to do all this and so much more.



Read up on all things Pinterest and get up to date on what you need to know about Pinterest.



As a creative entrepreneur Instagram the bread and butter to your marketing. But it can be frustrating getting lost in the sea of hashtags and updates and you’re left wondering how are all these people using Instagram to gain traffic and make sales? Well, we got you and we are ready to give you that bit of ease:


free Instagram Course

Ready to build on the information you already have? Or maybe you want to take your Instagram up a notch and learn how to optimize your profile, find out where your target customers and audience is hanging out on Instagram, create an effective content strategy or learn how to hashtag like a boss among other things!


Instagram 101

Instagram doesn’t work if you don’t know who your target audience is. It’s like this: You’re getting followers but they don’t engage. You post amazing products but they don’t get the likes and love they deserve. What’s missing? Learn the exact strategies and systems we use to run 3 successful instagram accounts with engaged and dedicated followers who are loyal, like our content, click our link, sign up to our list and purchase our products and services. This can be you too!



Dust up on your knowledge, gain some new insights--start here if you’re an information seekers.



Good graphics are central to any social media marketing for your business and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create instagrammable or pin-worthy graphics. Let us show you how:

free canva training

We know you’re ready to start cracking at it and learning how to make good graphics. Start here with the FREE resource Canva and our step-by-step tutorials. It is one of our most popular courses!



Read about how good graphics are made and how simple it truly is--but more than that, read about how good graphics can elevate your business.



We are here to encourage our fellow creatives and community through education and inclusivity.


Here at Buzzing Creatives, each one of you matter.

We strive to create an inclusive, transparent and friendly community for creative women from all walks of life. We want to lift you up, give you the platform you deserve and the skills you need to see you shine. But we also want to connect you to like-minded creatives with whom you can collaborate, learn and develop a friendship with. Get buzzing!

Like most of you, I don’t have money to throw out the window. I carefully thought about this investment, did my research on Buzzing Creatives and weighed the price against what I could gain from this investment. I finally decided it was right for me.
— Marianne of @nordic_copper_prints